Halloween is a fun and spooky time of year and is also a time when many bride and grooms choose to have their wedding. It can be such a fun theme for a wedding and the fall time of year has such beautiful colors with the changing leaves. Along with that, the cooler temperatures are perfect if you plan to have any of your wedding day outdoors.

If you are planning a Halloween themed wedding, wouldn’t it be great to find a venue that fits that “spooky” look and feel? There are many older venues that have a great feel to them or even places throughout the country that are actually thought to be haunted?!? In celebration of Halloween quickly approaching, today we wanted to share with you a few of the most haunted wedding venues in the U.S. that we saw on Huffington Post.

Check out these photos below from some spooky wedding venues throughout America.

1. Gainswood Plantation in Demopolis, Alabama

most haunted wedding venues

Photo credit: Courtesy of Carol M. Highsmith via Wikimedia Commons

There are 480 acres of grounds and exquisite rooms in this Greek revival mansion. But the former plantation house, built in 1842 is supposed to have a friendly ghost named Eliza whose spirit has stuck around after she passed away on the property after coming down with an illness while serving as governess.

2. Historic Anchorage Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska

most haunted wedding venues

Photo credit: Huffington Post and Hotels.com

The Historic Anchorage Hotel’s website says that it is a place “where the ghosts are more than just stories.” They say that a few of the spooky occurrences people experience here include pictures flying off the walls, shower curtains swaying without a breeze and specters moving through the halls. It is said that John J. “Black Jack” Sturgis, Anchorage’s first chief of police is the one whose spirit is there, as he was found shot in the back by his own gun in the hotel in 1921.

3. Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona

most haunted wedding venues

Photo credit: Huffington Post and Wikkimedia Commons

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon is located directly in the present-day ghost town of Tombstone, Arizona. The hotel was very popular and visited by people including Doc Holliday and Ike Clanton. It is said that it is haunted by miners and cowboys, one spirit known as the “Swamper” who was an old miner who hid his silver in the saloon and can be seen in the hallways and basements trying to protect it. Cowboy apparitions have also been spotted knocking over cases of beer, standing at the bar or in doorways. Some visitors to the saloon have even reported seeing actual ghosts show up in their photos that they took while at the saloon… pretty creepy!!!

4. 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

most haunted wedding venues

Photo credit: Huffington Post and Haunted Rooms

Doesn’t this hotel just look creepy?!? We agree. The Crescent Hotel and Spa is known as “America’s Most Haunted Hotel” and has many different spirits that are seen haunting this venue. There is Michael, an Irish stonemason who fell to his death while building the hotel back in 1865 and Theodora, who died during her stay and who you may hear ask you to help find her room key. You may also come across the spirit of Morris the cat, who could appear at the foot of the bed while you sleep.

5. The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

most haunted wedding venues

Photo credit: Huffington Post and Expedia

This ocean liner has had at least 49 reported deaths on board over its 30 years spent at sea and plenty of those spirits can be found lurking throughout The Queen Mary. You could see two crewmen who were crushed to death by Door 13 in the engine room which is located 50 feet below sea level and is the boat’s most haunted room. There is also women who you may see in a 1930’s style bathing suits around the first class swimming pool or hear the giggling that comes from a little girl named Jackie who drowned in the pool. The ship has other weird things happen like random doors slamming, an appearance of a tall dark haired man in a suit or a lady in white, high pitch squeals and very drastic temperature changes.

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If that is not enough to get your hairs to stand up on end, we don’t know what will! We originally came across this article on Huffington Post but be sure to read about the most haunted wedding venues in every state on Brides.com.

Here are some other fun Halloween wedding ideas you may enjoy!

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