Connecticut-based wedding photographer Seshu had an excellent article earlier this week over at In his article, Seshu talks about the need for professional wedding photographers to spend the time necessary to create great images for their clients. Seshu identifies four common “time bottlenecks” and provides advice on how photographers can overcome them. The four bottlenecks are:

  • Consulting Time Before The Wedding
  • Photography Time During The Wedding
  • Image Processing Time After The Wedding
  • Album Designing and Delivery Time

From the article:

“I am convinced that both wedding photographers and wedding clients are quickly arriving at an impasse. And it is over the issue of TIME. From my perspective, everyone is feeling the crunch. Clients want their images faster. And with new tools and faster bandwidth, photographers can deliver those images quickly. But how good are they? Is “good-enough” just good enough? Savvy clients are looking for better quality images; ones that are markedly different from their friends. What are these bottlenecks that prevent us from creating great images and how should we avoid them?”

A thoughtful article with some useful advice for professional wedding photojournalists. Be sure to read the full article: Making and Finding the Time to Create Great Images

Seshu is a documentary wedding photographer based in Hartford, Connecticut.

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