Your privacy on OkCupid: the unromantic truth

Significantly more than 7 million users that are okCupid the website along with their many intimate details in return for possible dates. You lay your heart up for grabs (or even more accurately, in your profile); your disclosures nab you a love. Most likely, it is difficult to get a night out together without showing who you really are.

But to get in touch along with other users, you additionally have to fairly share with OkCupid. Additionally the web web site, that has been bought last year by corporate giant, is well-known for doing your best with its users’ information, whether or not to evaluate on its OkTrends web log or even earn money.

Is this “data for a date” relationship that so a lot of us have actually with OkCup

Like numerous free internet dating sites, OkCupid offers its people’ information to advertisers. And though this hasn’t experienced a hack or a information breach yet, other online online dating sites have actually, from PlentyofFish to eHarmony. A very important factor is obvious: your information that is personal is private on OkCupid.

OkCupid does not offer browsing that is secure HTTPS

OkCupid doesn’t help HTTPS, a regular internet encryption that ensures that information is delivered and gotten in a encrypted form (so that it seems like random figures) in the place of ordinary text. The possible lack of HTTPS implies that anybody on the cordless network could possibly read any email that is okCupid web web page view, chat message, search entry, profile information, clicked website website link, as well as responses to your concealed concerns. A data breach could be disastrous because many OkCupid users express their sexual orientation, religious and political beliefs, drug use, and other highly personal info on the site.

Trackers and advertising sites and analytics; oh my!

Making use of our Do Not monitor Plus browser privacy device, we unearthed that OkCupid used nine tracking that is different and advertisement companies to get information on its site site visitors. These trackers aren’t part of OkCupid: they’re independent third events mining user information like presses, advertisement views, pages visited, and time invested viewing a profile that is particular.

The FTC has stated that online dating sites must notify users that are new the way they intend to make use of their information, plus it’s unlawful for a niche site that claims it will probably maintain your information safe to later offer it to advertisers. You, however, isn’t well-defined: many hide the fact that they’re swapping your information across the web deep within lengthy privacy policies or terms of use how they must inform. OkCupid admits to the kind of behavioral monitoring of its users in its online privacy policy:

“… We might mate with 3rd party advertisers whom may (on their own or through their partners) spot or recognize a cookie that is unique your web web browser. These snacks allow more personalized ads, content or solutions become supplied to you personally. ”

Whatever you post on OkCupid may forever be there

Even although you delete information from your own profile or account, OkCupid states that “we may keep information that is such indefinitely. ” Place bluntly, what you post on the internet site may forever be there. OkCupid’s privacy policy states that the website gathers its users’ “personal passions, sex, age, training, career and relationship that is certain… Name, photo and email, ” because well as his or her web web browser and ip. Needless to say, users frequently decide to disclose more than these exact things to company web site have every thing the website is offering, answering concerns, publishing pictures, using quizzes, and completing location information.

The website additionally utilizes anonymous information to compile the research that is dating presents on OkTrends, investigating things such as messages received versus attractiveness and character characteristics by sexual orientation.

After searching into OkCupid’s privacy, we discovered that they do say that “third parties” and “service providers” can access people’ private information to be able to “direct and display specific advertisements” to them. Advertisers can compile information regarding whether you or someone else who’s using your computer or laptop saw their advertisements and clicked them. In this real means, they develop a profile of one’s loves and passions to focus on you with advertisements which they believe you’ll react to.

We additionally discovered that it is possible to e-mail OkCupid at to demand which they don’t share your data with other people. now has OkCupid, this means far more data sharing it self is owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp, which has significantly more than 50 businesses and sites including,,,,, and IAC’s online privacy policy allow it to fairly share information easily involving the numerous organizations and sites it owns, in addition to “Other organizations with which it partners. ” To put it differently, your OkCupid information may be provided freely among the list of 6th biggest online system in the whole world. Not to personal.

Given that (and so IAC) has OkCupid, Match additionally has OkCupid’s people’ information. As OkCupid’s online privacy policy states,

“If the ownership of most or considerably most of the OkCupid company or assets had been to alter, your individual information would probably be utilized in the brand new owner(s). ”

If you’re a part of OkCupid plus the looked at the numerous internet sites that IAC has accessing your own personal information does not attract to you personally, now’s a very good time to cancel that account.

Overview of our findings on OkCupid privacy:

– Uses web that is multiple, advertising systems, and monitoring snacks

– It shares a large network to your information of advertisers and lovers

– whatever you post might be saved forever

–, IAC, and all of IAC’s properties may now access each of OkCupid’s user information

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