twitter wedding

Image via Beatlejase

Greg Rewis and Stephanie Sullivan are a couple who live and work online quite a bit. Greg proposed to Stephanie via Twitter a couple years ago (they were in a long-distance relationship at the time). That was definitely out-of-the-ordinary for most people.

Last week, Greg & Stephanie took it up a notch by having their wedding ceremony in Phoenix, AZ streamed live over the internet via Twitter, TwitPics, and Flickr!

Here’s Shira Lazar of CBS interviewing Stephanie & Greg:

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They even created the #tweetwed hashtag for people to follow along with the event.

What do you think? Cool, geeky, fun, cheesy, romantic (all of the above?) – what’s your take? Keep in mind that both Greg & Stephanie had already had “real” weddings in their previous marriages.

Greg & Stephanie did make an excellent point at the end of the video about how technology has helped them keep their long distance
relationship going.

Does technology help with relationships in your experience?

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