Even though many wedding trends change throughout the years, there are may wedding traditions that have remained the same over many, many years. The majority of brides wear white, share a dance with their fathers, and request that their guests gather to watch them take the first bite of cake.

wedding traditions

Photo credit: Invaluable.com

As mentioned in the article on Invaluable, many traditions have ancient roots. Wearing a veil dates back to Ancient Rome wear the bride would cover her face to protect her from evil, jealous spirits. Similarly, carrying a bride over the threshold is a medieval superstition down to avoid bringing in bad luck to their new home. Wearing something old and something new, commonly practiced by American brides, comes from an Old English rhyme.

So today, we wanted to share this infographic that was put together by Invaluable on 15 wedding traditions from around the world.

What wedding traditions did you include or do you hope to include in your wedding? Be sure to share your traditions with us in the comments below!

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