In the world of wedding photography, there is no shortage of fabulous engagement and wedding ring photos, because sometimes the coolest ones are shot making use of whatever props are available at the time. Many of these images, too, are planned, to incorporate a symbolic item that will forever reflect on the true romance of the union. Feathered hairpins, cocktail napkins, and candy rocks are among the few that made our list.

We are seriously impressed with the collection we obtained from our awesome photographers, and are excited to show off how truly creative some of them are.

Who knew inanimate objects could be so fun?

Wedding Ring Photos by Vanessa Joy PhotographyWedding Ring Photos by Vanessa Joy PhotographyWedding Ring Photos by Vanessa Joy Photography Wedding Ring Photos by Vanessa Joy PhotographyWedding Ring Photos by Vanessa Joy PhotographyWedding Ring Photos by Paired Images

Above: “Every bride loves a little something to take the edge off before the wedding, whether its deep breathing, chocolate, or alcohol.  Betsy and her bridesmaids opted for champagne!  The perfect way to describe the pair, classy, fun, epic.”

Below: “Sara and Tim had their first date in Old Town Alexandria VA.  While walking around the town they stumbled upon a bike rental store with a tandem bike.  Being the adventurous pair that they are, they rented the bike and took a tour of the waterfront.  They had such a blast on that first outing, that naturally, years later, they used it as a theme for their wedding.  It was one of the most awesome engagement sessions we’ve done, going back to that same rental place.  And we couldn’t resist using this cocktail napkin for a ring shot at the their wedding.”

– Jess of Paired Images

Wedding Ring Photos by Paired ImagesWedding Ring Photos by Courtney Bowlden Photography Wedding Ring Photos by D2 Photography StudioWedding Ring Photos by Bill Worley PhotographyWedding Ring Photos by Waller Weddings

Above: “We love capturing ring shots that try to help tell the story of the couple, but sometimes we find ourselves with 5 seconds to grab that unique ring shot. I found myself in a hotel room with nothing around me except the brides shoes. After fighting with standing the shoes up, down and on the side – it finally hit me and I turn the shoes upside down and slid the rings right on the heal of her shoes.” 
Below: “This couple lives on a farm and is apart of a larger farm community. Their wedding was at their farm which is a photographers dream come true. With so many options to use for the ring shot we thought the flowers that they planted specifically for the wedding would fit perfectly. We love how it almost appears as apart of the flower.”
-Dustin of Waller Weddings

Wedding Ring Photos by Waller WeddingsWedding Ring Photos by Povazan Photography

Above: “An Italian wedding in North Vancouver and the little girl as a ring bearer blowing a kiss overlooking the wedding ring. This night was so unique, filled with edgy shots of guys smoking cigars and people having fun at the tables. Real Italian attitude we love. And I can not forget to mention food, oh food was excellent. We miss Europe when it comes to food :)”

– Povazan Photography

Wedding Ring Photos by Tim and Madie PhotographyWedding Ring Photos by Tim and Madie PhotographyWedding Ring Photos by Kristina Lynn Photography & Design Wedding Ring Photos by Kristina Lynn Photography & DesignWedding Ring Photos by Annie Laurie Photographic

Above: “I love this shot of Cheryl and Nick’s rings. The rings are just so beautiful, I didn’t want them to get lost in the bouquet.”
Below: “Lauryn wore a beautiful feathered pin in her hair. I love how the delicate feathers frame the rings.”

Wedding Ring Photos by Annie Laurie Photographic

From left to right, top to bottom: Vanessa Joy PhotographyPaired ImagesCourtney Bowlden PhotographyD2 Photography StudioBill Worley photographyWaller WeddingsPovazan PhotographyTim and Madie PhotographyKristina Lynn Photography & DesignAnnie Laurie Photographic.

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