Why Asking For Cash Wedding Gifts Has Never Been More Simple

Since society has moved away from traditional reasons for marriage, it has also moved away from traditional wedding gift giving. The idea of gifting newly married couples dates back to way before we were even born. Traditionally, wedding guests would give the couple gifts to help that ‘become’ a couple, meaning couples would expect to receive useful gifts that would help to consummate their marriage as man and wife, as new homesharers.

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Photographer Feature – Heatherley Bloom Photography

Today we want to introduce you to SnapKnot member Heatherley Doan with Heatherley Bloom Photography. She is a local photographer in Denver, Colorado and has a true passion for what she does that began when she was a child… and that passion shows in her beautiful photos!

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How To Make A DIY Flower Chandelier

When you are planning your wedding, many people want to incorporate beautiful flowers throughout the event. Whether you use flowers as your bouquets, in table centerpieces or even scattered throughout the wedding space, one great way to incorporate flowers is by having a flower chandelier and today we wanted to share how to make your own DIY flower chandelier from Pro Flowers like the beautiful one below.

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Cute Getting Ready Outfits For Your Wedding Day

So much planning goes into picking out the perfect wedding party attire for the ceremony that it can be easy to forget about all the cute getting ready outfits for your wedding day! Relax a little and take a look at these outfit ideas that are picture perfect and that you and your bridesmaids will love. We hope all the pre-wedding ceremony pictures give you some inspiration for you own wedding day.

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How To Pick Out The Perfect The Perfect Size Engagement Ring

If you are looking to pick out an engagement ring, there are so many things to consider. First of all, you want to choose one that you know the love of your life will adore! (Which we are pretty sure would be any of them that you pick)! Along with understanding the type of diamond you are getting, the style of the ring, as well as the cut and setting, you also want to try and pick out the perfect size engagement ring.

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DIY Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is here, the sun is shining, and brides are busy planning their wedding. It is one of the best seasons to have a wedding and there are so many DIY summer wedding ideas that are so great and perfect for any summertime wedding. A wedding is all about the couple and showing who the couple is, so why not add a few DIY touches to make the day more unique and personal? These ideas we are going to show you today are fabulous ways to impress your guests and help keep some of your costs low!

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