Our Favorite Brunch Weddings!

We have seen that many bride and grooms stray away from the traditional wedding styles….many couple’s like to use their own personalized and creative ideas. One of the new trendy ideas is turn late weddings into brunch weddings, and we love it! If you are planning your wedding on a weekend day, especially a Sunday, going brunch style allows for the festivities to get going earlier. While the prep time may happen pretty early in the morning, guests have a whole day to celebrate with you!

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21 Creative Ceremony Ideas

These days, many couples are doing away with the traditional wedding ceremony setting. Now we are are seeing these couples create ceremonies that match not only their own beliefs, but also their personalities. Each ceremony is being personalized to best show who they are making their day extra unique and special. We found these creative ceremony ideas on The Knot that are made to inspire future weddings. Guests are sure to rave about how amazingly different your ceremony was and will unlikely forget anytime soon after.

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Bridal Beauty Trends for 2019 Brides

Trends, old and new, are sure to capture any brides eye. Whether you just got engaged or are getting close to the day, it’s always good to keep up with the bridal beauty trends that will complete the look. During bridal fashion week, the designers made sure to deliver on those amazing bridal beauty trends for Spring 2019.

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14 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Love!

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful process, especially if you are on a tight budget. Today, ClearBags is going to share a list of the most unique wedding favors and they even included one of their very own! Many times a wedding favor is something that just gets put in a drawer or thrown away but if you give away favors that have a more personalized touch, it can be something that your guests will use as a keepsake and cherish long after your special day.

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Tips For A Perfect Engagement Session

Getting engaged is just the start of a beautiful and wild ride that you and your fiancé will take. The thought of engagement photos is probably one of the first on things to get done before the big day; so we reached out to some photographers to get some tips they have for the perfect engagement session! From ways to feel comfortable to making sure the pictures are just what you dreamed of, these photographers provided some insight to questions you may not even think to ask.

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6 Fun Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

When you are planning your wedding, you want to be sure it is fun and memorable for all your guests….both young and old! The great thing is that there are SO MANY awesome ideas that you can do. Depending on if you are having an outdoor celebration, looking to add a little flair or give the kids something to keep them busy, check out these fun wedding ideas that your guests are sure to love!

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5 DIY Wedding Bouquet Tips

Wedding bouquet compliments shouldn’t just compliment your attire but also something that suits your personality. Sometimes the bouquet itself is beautiful but somehow doesn’t go with the theme or your dress. If you don’t want something clichéd, the best option is DIY wedding bouquets. Creating your own bouquet will add special value to it and you can also customize it just the way you want within a limited budget.

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8 Perfect DIY Spring Wedding Favors

It’s now March, and many of us are feeling that Spring Fever. Spring is a fabulous time to get married…flowers are blooming, leaves are growing on the trees, and it’s a time of new beginnings. So if you have been planning a beautiful spring wedding, have you thought about the favors? There are so many fun ideas for DIY spring wedding favors and we searched out some picture perfect ideas that will be just the right touch and easy on the wallet!

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Wedding Photography Winners Announced At Best Photo Contests!

We are thrilled to announce the winners from the first ever photography contest at BestPhotoContests.com!

Best Photo Contests was started because we see so many amazing photos every single day and we decided to partner with Camera Giveaways to celebrate the art of photography. Our first contest was for wedding photography and there were so many amazing photos submitted.

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