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We recently connected with April Dorsey of The D-Tales, a wedding and event planner based in Orlando, Florida. April’s been great, suggesting the SnapKnot service to both wedding photographers and brides that she works with, and she was nice enough to answer a few of our questions below so you could learn about her and what The D-Tales offers:

april dorsey the d-tales

Where are you from?
I am one of the few native Floridians.  I was born in Miami and still have a love for that city.  Pre: South Beach, Miami Vice, crazy drivers and press one for English.  Believe it or not, where I grew up was a small town within a big city.  Many of my friends still live within miles of where we grew up and I still enjoy going to visit.

How would your friends describe you?

  • I am passionate about life and a bit sassy!
  • I love to sing and dance whenever and wherever.  Most of my brides will grab me to get on the dance floor when the party is underway.  If The Cupid Shuffle is playing, I can usually be found on the dance floor.
  • I am a total social network addict- I can be found on facebook and twitter 24/7. In fact, I communicate with my clients constantly as they love the access that IM brings when they have that awesome idea!
  • I am a hugger.  I love to hug what can I say, lol.
  • I love cake- I mean LOVE cake.  I got the “curse” from my grandfather who would say “A meal without a good piece of cake for dessert, is not a well balanced meal.”

Where are you located?
The D-Tales is based in Orlando, Florida.  “The City Beautiful” and oh yes, it lives up to its name!

kwp bridal

Photo credit: Kristen Weaver Photography

What areas of the world do you service?
I LOVE to travel.  In fact I have logged so many miles in the air that I have flown around the world more times than I care to admit.  It is a love of travel that allows my service area to be worldwide. BUT, there is nothing better than being in the comforts of my home with my husband, so Florida is really home!

What year did you start your business & why?
I feel like I was always planning events.  One of my greatest memories was the runway shows I would “produce” at my grandparent’s house when I was 4. I always had a great audience!  Professionally I have been planning events since the 90’s with a passion for elegant and exciting events.  From intimate gatherings in the Bahamas to extravagant events in Cabo, each one has a unique feel and design.

wedding cupcakes

Photo credit: Tab McCausland Photography

Cake: Anna Cakes

What types of products/services do you offer?
My passion is in creating glamorous dream weddings.  There is nothing more magical than the moment the bride is about to walk down the aisle to meet her groom. Yes, I still shed a tear of joy when the Bridal march starts to play.  I have also been known to cry during the father/daughter dance too.   I am a total sap for romance.  As a full service event planning company, The D-Tales also does Mitzvahs, birthday parties, Galas and Corporate events.

Are you involved in anything else aside from this business?
What? You mean there is more to life than planning weddings, lol.  Actually, while weddings are my primary passion, I don’t always get to use my creative talents to their fullest at every wedding.  I love to make the Bride’s vision come to life, and the color palate is not always MY taste, although lovely nonetheless.  Since I need a creative outlet to display my ideas, I work with some amazing photographers for editorial work. One of my favorite photo shoots was inspired by a rooftop organic garden. Talk about out of the box design……… As you can see in the photo, I used an air conditioning vent from Home Depot to create an industrial feel to compliment a gorgeous Vera Wang gown!

bridal layout

Photo credit: Kristen Weaver Photography

What inspires you?
I wish I could pinpoint exactly what inspires me because it varies.  I can see a color in nature or a moment at a concert and create a whole concept. When I work with my clients I walk them through a path of words that ultimately lead to a gorgeous event.  You would be surprised by the finished product based on the words we brainstorm.

Who was the biggest wedding industry celebrity you were most excited to meet?
I had the pleasure of meeting Colin Cowie at a gallery event. He was such a wonderful person with so much talent to share.  We spoke at length about the industry and his words of wisdom will ring in my head forever.

Jacobik wedding 2010

Photo credit: Tab McCausland Photography

What advice would you give a bride on her wedding day?
You mean other than hiring a great planner or coordinator to make her day stress-free?  I would say, slow down.  Too many people worry about the Event and not the moments DURING the event. It is for that reason that I suggest a sweetheart table.  This small space, reserved for the couple, allows them to be together and share some quiet
moments together.

What is the one idea that you thought was CRAZY but ended up a HIT?
I had a recent bride who really wanted a sno-cone machine.  I mean, she asked about it every time we met.  Of course I fought her on the idea, but since it was 100 degrees during her outdoor ceremony, I made sure that every guest stayed cool with a sno-cone in hand.  Best $75 dollars spent (and of course I told her she was right!)

What are three things you could never live without?
I will assume this to mean non-people/pet things.  I think I would just die without lipgloss, music and really good cake (did I mention that I LOVE cake, lol)……… can I make it four and say Facebook?????

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