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We were recently featured on, which reviews new Internet startups every day and lets you vote on which ones you like. From the review:

The way thing[s] stand today, a search on a site like Craiglist is always going to provide you with more than a handful of options to choose from when looking for a professional. But if given the opportunity, you should always go for these sites that let you carry a specific search only. That is the case of SnapKnot, a website which revolves around wedding photographers and nothing else.


Of course, the site highlights some photographers on its main page for you to carry out the search in a different way, and also for learning about what kind of services the people who have portfolios on the site can render. You can proceed to save the ones you like best on your “My SnapKnots” page, and compare them when you have enough so as to make a well-informed choice.”

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Thank you!

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