Meet Deborah Huber, of Deborah Huber Photography. Based out of San Francisco, Deborah is an artist who loves shooting non-traditional weddings and specializes in vintage wedding photography.

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Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Debbie and I own Deborah Huber Photography which is based in Oakland, CA. I am originally from Texas but moved to California about five years ago.

Why did you choose to become a photographer? I’ve loved photography since I was a kid. When I was little I used to spend hours going through my moms photo albums, I took photography courses in high school and colleges and had my own darkroom for years. I’ve worked a number or jobs but have never enjoyed one quite as much as I do photography, I decided to give it go at starting my own company in 2009 and haven’t regretted it since.

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How long have you been a photographer? Well, professionally I’ve been taking jobs as photographer since 2005 and began my company in 2009 but I actually began taking photographs when I was a kid with a little point and shoot, until 2005 though my work was mainly personal and more on the fine art side.

How would you classify your style of photography? I’d say it is a mix of documentary and editorial.

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Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level? I have a lot of influences for my work and business. For the business side I am inspired by almost any artist who has successfully made it, especially close friends.

For the artistic side, I’d say I am influenced a lot by old black and white documentary photography, Emma Case (I love her work), Alfred Stigletz, Jasmine Star (She’s quite inspiring), John Ford (He made some beautiful movies) and there are many many others but those are the first that come to the top of my head.

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Do you have any good wedding stories? I once attended a wedding when I was in college where the bride and groom (My friends Dad and his step mom) wound up doing keg stands at the wedding reception. It was pretty funny.

What’s your preferred type of camera equipment? For weddings I prefer to shoot digital, sometimes I’ll shoot a little film but usually I just stick to a DSLR.

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What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer? I’d say make sure you see enough of their work, you want to be sure that they can shoot quality shots all through out the day not just a few here and there.

I see a lot of photographers who put the best of work on their site but isn’t necessarily all from one wedding. If they do have a site like this I’d check out their blog ( if they have one) to see their most recent and more extensive work. If not perhaps set up a meeting and ask to see more work. To me the quality of the photographs is the most important thing.

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Any fun personal facts we should know about you? I am sure there a lot but none come to mind (my friends could probably tell them better then I). Feel free to check out my “about” section though for more information on me:

Anything else to add about yourself, the wedding industry, photography, brides, grooms, etc? I really love shooting weddings, in fact I like it much more then I even expected I would. It’s such a great mix of documentary and editorial photography, it’s quite a fun job.

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To see more vintage wedding photography, visit Deborah Huber at her website:

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