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Today we’d like to introduce Dog N’ Bird Artful Wedding, a blog about wedding style with plenty of substance. Here’s a few details about Bird and why you should go check out her blog:

Who are you / What’s your story?

I’m Bird, Dog is my fiance. I enjoy change and love to curate and package content. I lived in the East Village for many years but moved an hour north of NYC last summer to finish a novel. Now I reside in a charming and creaky farmhouse from 1867.

Why did you start Dog N’ Bird (D&B)?

I started Dog n’ Bird as a way to collect ideas for my wedding. I’ve been a blogger in some form since 2001. I’ve always been a connector, with people and information. This project is the culmination of a high-level editorial career, a lifetime love of photography and respect and admiration for the romance brand as well as the indie craft movement.

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What can brides find at D&B?

High quality editorial photos of unconventional ideas in a time-saving scannable layout. More specifically – vintage, rustic, couture and quirky dresses, paper, flowers, simple DIY projects, food, eco-tips, Etsy discoveries, color trends and the occasional celebrity (just for fun).

What makes you different from other wedding blogs/sites?

Every single day I’m asked – Where do you find such unique content? I pride myself on showcasing artful and unique ideas doable on a big or small budget. Dog calls me a human Google spider, I consume massive amounts of information from a variety of different sources, including my own imagination.

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Do you have any advice for other brides planning
their weddings?

Listen to your gut and work with people you respect. Use inspiration to lift you up and spark ideas, not overwhelm or bum you out about budget. Love and happiness will make your wedding rich! Also – pay attention to the universe. Ideas are everywhere. Last week I found a baby’s breath arrangement in the bathroom of a department store.

Why should brides avail themselves of online resources
like D&B?

The online community publishes 24/7. We’re on message boards, Facebook and Twitter ( – a great support system for stressed out moments or to have wedding ideas delivered to you all day long.

Do you have regular categories or features on the blog or is it just as subjects come up?

The whole site is an editorial view on the wedding community with an aim to bubble up the most creative, inspirational ideas. That being said, wedding community page is very popular, it’s a great first stop for brides or established or up-and-coming wedding industry professionals looking for trends and new ideas. Dog n’ Bird is also well known for delightful DIY projects, the most popular being artichoke candle holders, embroidery spool bud vases and Google Map envelope liners.

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Anything else in particular you’d like our audience to know about D&B?

One of the reasons I enjoy SnapKnot is that it is a bevy of original photos. I love to highlight vibrant, authentic moments, technically superior shots or never before seen vendor work that would otherwise not be discovered. I’m always open for submissions at

Engaged couples and interested photographers alike should pay Dog N’ Bird a visit!


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