A warm, SnapKnot welcome to one of our newest Toronto wedding photographers, Kathy Focca! A few fun facts about our recent addition? Kathy was born and raised in Poland and came to Canada at the age of 20. She is a self-proclaimed health and fitness enthusiast, art lover, designer, and psychology nerd.

Toronto Wedding Photographer, Focca PhotographyWhat lead Kathy to discovering her passion for wedding photography? Her son…and social media. As a new mommy, she was taking plenty of photos of her newborn and thanks to social media, her friends starting noticing her skills and began asking her to take their portraits. A bit later, she found herself as a lab manager where she was exposed to the photo industry from behind the scenes and was able to meet local photographers and learn their work structure. Eventually she got an idea of how she wanted to represent her own brand.

Kathy found that defining her photography style was one of the more challenging aspects of becoming a professional wedding photographer. Now that she is more experienced, Kathy enjoys having people recognize her work even without her logo.

“It feels good that the countless hours of mastering my craft has helped to develop my own signature style. It’s definitely modern, with an urban feel. Some of my work also has a bit of a vintage feel to it.”

Toronto Wedding Photographer, Focca Photography Toronto Wedding Photographer, Focca Photography Toronto Wedding Photographer, Focca PhotographyKathy recommends that couples just beginning their search for a wedding photographer ask their candidate to show them a wedding that they have shot, from start to finish. She explains that this is important because, since a photographer’s website will only publish their best work, it’s important to know what to expect after the entire wedding is completed. Another suggestion? Make sure you “click” with your photographer.

“A client’s trust is something that photographers should really cherish. Having a similar vision with your photographer and being open minded about his or her creative expertise is something that will make creating your wedding day photos a great experience.”

Toronto Wedding Photographer, Focca Photography Torontoa Wedding Photographer, Focca Photography Toronto Wedding Photographer, Focca PhotographyTo learn more about this Toronto wedding photographer, visit Kathy Focca Photography.


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