What is the first thing that most brides so the moment they get engaged? They go out and buy a wedding planning book and a bunch of their favorite bridal magazines! We have put together our list of the top 10 best wedding planning books in case you need a little help figuring out which one is the best for you!

All the Essentials Wedding Planner

This practical planner (created by wedding planner Alison Hotchkiss in collaboration with wedding stationary company Hello!Lucky) provides a bride who wants to be sure to stay super organized, with everything in one place. It provides to-do lists, sample floor plans, downloadable templates and advice from an expert in the wedding industry.

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best wedding planning books

Style Me Vintage Weddings

Have you always been dreaming of having a vintage-inspired wedding? Style Me Vintage Weddings is designed to inspired brides-to-be how to create their very own vintage-themed wedding. The book will show how to put together bridal outfits and styles for a vintage wedding from the Edwardian era all the way through the decades to the 1970s. From dresses, accessories, flowers, make-up, hair, the venue you chose, stationary, photography and more, all of this is covered in this book.

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best wedding planning books

Just Married

Fiona Leahy, celebrity wedding planner, will provide you inspiration in Just Married to not only have an amazing wedding tailored to your wants and needs, but to make sure you throw and awesome party that your guests will be talking about for a long time. Leahy provides her very own tips and tricks to throwing an original (and relaxed) celebration.

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best wedding planning books

The New-Fashioned Wedding

How wonderful would it be if an amazing wedding planning company wrote a book for brides planning their own wedding? Here it is! Paige Appel and Kelly Harris with Bash Please have created a wedding design guide for modern brides with The New-Fashioned Wedding. The guide takes the bride through the ENTIRE wedding planning process from their vision statement and starting color palette, stationary, signs and logos, centerpieces and bouquets, linens, aisle decor, menus and more. There is not one detail that will be forgotten if you use this guide as your wedding planning resource!

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best wedding planning books

Rustic Wedding Chic

Rustic weddings are so trendy right now and Maggie Lord, founder of RusticWeddingChic.com shares her inspiration, ideas and advice on planning rustic and country style weddings. The book gives a inside look at real wedding that have been in rustic locations, country and farm destinations and even backyard venues that have all had an independent, eco-friendly and creative DIY approach. Get lots of DIY ideas and great inspiration to create the perfect rustic wedding!

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best wedding planning books

Vera Wang on Weddings

Who better to give wisdom and advice to planning a wedding but Vera Wang! In Vera Wang on Weddings get amazing wisdom on planning out your wedding budget, picking the perfect bouquet, what cocktails you want at the reception and all other things weddings! Of course, Vera Wang is a complete expert on wedding gowns so this book would not be complete without an entire section on finding the perfect dress. You will get her advice on choosing what is best for your dream dress including the right neckline, length, bodice, and waistline that is right for your body type. You will even see many gorgeous photos of wedding gowns that showcase her vision in dresses.

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best wedding planning books

Handmade Weddings

The founders of Hello!Lucky (Eunice and Sabrina Moyle) come together with stylist Shana Faust to create and showcase over 50 gorgeous projects that would be perfect for weddings! Handmade Weddings provides simple and chic DIY projects and ideas for every wedding style, whether you are having a modern wedding, a classic celebration or are leaning towards the rustic, outdoorsy theme. You will find ideas such as a vintage-key save the date card DIY idea to silhouette bride and groom signs. There is also a section all about working out a wedding planning timeline.

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best wedding planning books

Broke Ass Bride

A popular wedding website The Broke-Ass Bride put together this guide to saving money and making every cent count throughout the entire wedding planning process. The book tries to empower brides to spend their budget wisely, be creative and have an absolutely amazing wedding on any budget! It provides helpful and hardworking tips on things such as how to negotiate with vendors and great ideas for creative, affordable, DIY decorations and more.

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best wedding planning booksEmily Post’s Wedding Etiquette (Sixth Edition)

Written by Anna and Lizzie Post, great-great granddaughters of Emily Post, this guide updates the original text, which was published in 1922. In this book, you can read all about social media faux-pas, like not over advertising your upcoming wedding on Facebook!) to advice on how to handle divorced parents. This new addition offers classic wedding advice with a modern spin. It covers everything from style, budget, guest list, reception details, and even includes a few contemporary additions from the first addition including destination and same-sex weddings. There is also a tipping chart and checklist.

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best wedding planning books

Matthew Robbin’s Inspired Weddings

Martha Stewart is a pretty big deal when it comes to weddings and decorating, and Matthew Robbins is her right-hand wedding expert who approaches each wedding design with an object that each couple finds meaningful. In Matthew Robbin’s Inspired Weddings, he teaches each and every bride and groom how to do the same. Matthew will take brides through his process of transforming a typical wedding into a spectacular wedding by choosing 9 objects to base the entire wedding day around. He also shares insider tips and industry secrets.

Click this link to purchase Matthew Robbins’ Inspired Weddings: Designing Your Big Day with Favorite Objects and Family Treasures by Robbins, Matthew (2012).



These 10 books and guides are some of the best wedding planning books out there right now and every one can help you in different ways, whether you are looking for photo inspiration, wedding dress ideas, you need help in planning your budget, coming up with creative DIY ideas or even when trying to figure out the right etiquette in certain situations. When you start your planning, be sure to purchase at least one of these inspirations and helpful guides to weddings!

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