If this brilliant Friday Photo Feature doesn’t take your breath away, we’re not sure what will. Violet and tangerine clouds make this Thailand wedding portrait one of the most gorgeous we’ve seen. Vanessa and Richard are the pair featured in this stunning shot, which was taken at La Flora, Khao Lak (you can see a few more images from their wedding here).

Says the photo’s creator, Aidan Dockery:

“As we were taking the couples portraits, the sky went a crazy color and I positioned [the bride and groom] on some rocks in order to get the water all around them.”

Thailand Wedding Portrait, Aidan DockeryWant to re-enact this shot?

Photographers: You might have to be creative in order to capture a similar shot! Aidan needed a low angle, which meant lying in the sea with his camera just above the waterline. Talk about taking one for the team!

Loved this Thailand wedding portrait? Be sure to check out some more gorgeous wedding photos by visiting Aidan’s SnapKnot Profile.

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