Beautiful Rustic Wedding In Bedford Hills

Rustic weddings are such a popular trend these days, and it is great because it’s a trend that is easy to make unique to yourself and your spouse-to-be. When thinking about rustic weddings, it’s common to think of a barn ceremony or reception, lights strung everywhere, mason jars galore, and a large focus on wooden DIY crafts. All in all, there really is nothing like the vibe of a simplistic rustic wedding day!

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Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Massachusetts

Outdoor weddings are extremely popular in the spring and summer months. Holding outdoor weddings allow couples to choose a venue that provides beautiful views and an environment that is much different than a typical wedding venue. Whether the venue location is next to a gorgeous lake or has a view of a mountain range in the distance, outdoor weddings give guests a completely different dynamic than indoor weddings.

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Pennsylvania Wedding At The Bristol Yacht Club

We love a beautiful outdoor summer wedding and those that take place alongside a body of water are so wonderful. Whether it’s a beach, a river, or a lake, there’s nothing quite like that breeze coming off the water and gorgeous view that the water provides you with.

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Fire Fighter Themed Wedding Shoot

Having a specific theme for your engagement photos is such a fun idea, and including a theme or location that has to do with something important in your life together is perfect. Including details from one of your careers as a fire fighter, police officer or military is one that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Some couples simply want to utilize the uniform in photos, while others may choose to include the place of work or emergency vehicles in addition to the uniform.

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Yellow and Charcoal Grey Wedding at Lake Las Vegas

Summer weddings are a favorite of a lot of people! There is nothing like a beautiful summer evening wedding spent with family and friends. Robin and Kerry chose to get married at Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple had an ideal venue for an outdoor summer wedding, and the presence of the water certainly didn’t hurt their wedding photography! The couple’s yellow and charcoal grey wedding theme was the perfect match for the warm weather as well. An outdoor summer themed wedding by the water… it is absolute perfection if you ask us!

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Beautiful Outdoor Portland Inspired Wedding

Who says that your wedding theme can’t revolve around a specific location, even if you’re not getting married in that area? Nobody! Maybe you can’t afford to fly your friends out to Mexico for a huge exotic beach wedding, but you can definitely bring Mexico to you! Having a location inspired wedding is exactly what this bride and groom did!

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Styled Wedding Shoot – Glamping Wedding Photos

Today we want to share a styled wedding shoot with you that is very unique that we hope will help inspire future brides and grooms. Styled wedding shoots can include a fun theme that many couples may not originally consider for their big day, whether it’s an adventurous idea or inspired by a movie.

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20 Stunning Wedding Photos

There is nothing we love more than amazing wedding photography and today we have 25 stunning wedding photos to show you!

Fearless Photographers, a website that celebrates the world’s best wedding photography, released their latest collection. The curators received thousands of submissions but only 152 images made the cut.

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Fun Outdoor Wedding At Blue Bell Farm in Missouri

It’s officially the kick-off of summer and a popular time for outdoor weddings. To welcome the start of the season, we have chosen to share an outdoor wedding at Blue Bell Farm in Missouri with you.

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Intimate and Chic Wedding In Italy

Destination weddings are always highly desirable, as they take place typically in a unique location and require a getaway from the norm. Though they can be complicated, as the couple has to deal with travel and ensuring family and friends can attend, destination weddings end up being a beautiful and unique affair. Destination weddings can be a ton of fun for couples who love to travel and go on new adventures with one another. What better way to start off a new marriage than in a new and exciting place?

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