New York City Anniversary Photos – Corinna Hoffman

It was such a beautiful day in New York City for Angelique and Gerry’s 1-Year Anniversary photo session. I’m so happy that we got together for a photo-shoot while I was in New York last month to visit my family! That Saturday morning happened to be 9/11’s ninth anniversary and there was a big protest happening downtown, Fashion Week just kicked off a couple of blocks away from us, and there was also a big breast cancer awareness marathon happening in Central Park. There’s always 10 billion things going on in the city and the streets always flooding with tourists, yet you can also have a quiet time in certain parts of the city –another reason why I heart New York so much! :) You may remember this beautiful couple from their wedding last year in New York City . Angie wore her send-off dress for the pictures around Central Park, and we went back to their apartment afterward to take more pictures of them in her wedding dress :) What a beautiful couple, and I’m SO happy that I got to photo-shoot them again! Perhaps the next time I photo-shoot them, there will be little Gerry and Angelique running around ;) Enjoy!! XOXO > > CLICK HERE FOR THEIR FUN SLIDESHOW :-D > > CLICK HERE FOR THEIR FUN SLIDESHOW :-D This was taken right in front of the Plaza Hotel entrance :) I L-O-V-E this!!! TAXI cab driver rocks for letting us do this!


Portrait Session in San Francisco Presidio & Golden Gate by Mill Cottage Photography

Ok, I am so behind on blogging, and since the next two days are full of wonderful weddings, here is a really sweet portrait session for you! The lovely and talented Heather Beadles contacted me from Texas, and told me that she had a really special vacation planned to celebrate her husband Justin’s birthday and their 15th anniversary, and she had convinced him to schedule a session while they were in town! It’s always fun to turn the cameras on a fellow photographer, and Heather and Justin did a fantastic job in FRONT of the camera for a change! Justin cracked me up the whole time as we went back to his roots (he’s a native San Franciscan, but for like 63 days or something like that…) He was born at Letterman Hospital on the Presidio. Off we went, and they had their own personal papparazzi (me) causing people to wonder “who” they were… :^) Then we went off to the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoyed a really perfect warm sunset, and I gave them an impromptu, round about tour of San Francisco (read: I got a bit lost…) and deposited them at their Union Square hotel in time to make their special dinner reservations! You guys were such a blast to hang out with, and Heather I promise to get to Texas School so we can be roomies and you can show off your city! Here are a couple of images in time from your special weekend!

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