Picture Perfect Wedding Moments

A wedding is such a special event and most people will find themselves wiping away tears at some point during the ceremony or reception. There are so many memorable moments that make every person who is attending feel joyful and full of love. These moments are also the best times for the wedding photographer to capture those times so they can be remembered for years and years to come. Picture perfect wedding moments will happen all throughout the wedding, from early in the day while everyone is getting ready to the final moments when the bride and groom are leaving in their getaway car.

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Your Wedding Day Timeline and Checklist

Your wedding day is very busy and will fly by! You need to make sure you plan out enough time to get yourself ready, and make sure all your bridesmaids and everyone else in the wedding is ready on time as well. You also want to make sure you fit in all the important things you need to do before you say “I do!” We have put together this wedding day timeline that will help you figure out how much time you truly need.

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First Look Photos – A Stylish Utah Wedding

It has always been tradition for the bride and groom to not see each other on their wedding day until she first walks down the isle. Lately, couples have gained interest in taking first look photos where the two get to see each other alone before the ceremony. It is a special time where you can talk and just spend time together all fancy and beautiful in your wedding gown and tuxedo. The first look is also a perfect time for your photographer to capture the look on your groom’s face as he sees you for the first time, and to also photograph the two of you spending those few quality moments together before you say “I do.” Looking for a few reasons as to why you should take first look photos? Read about four great reasons here.

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First Look Wedding Photo Inspiration

We’ve already given you a breakdown on exactly what a first look is as well as four reasons why you should have one. Whether or not you have decided to have this session on your special day or haven’t even met the person you’re going to marry, there is always room for a little visual inspiration. In order to provide you with this, we had our photographers send over some of their best first look wedding photos.

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Why Do a First Look? Four Reasons.

Our photographers were kind enough to walk us through a basic understanding of what a first look is. Now that we know, it’s time to answer the bigger question: why do a first look? The fact that it breaks tradition is a large enough factor to deter a lot of couples, but many are recognizing the huge benefits having a first look has on their wedding day. Our talented community has broken down the four different reasons for having this session (and even threw in a few suggestions at the end for those who are still unsure!)

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What is a First Look? SnapKnot Photographers Break it Down

As we enter into this new era of weddings, there are more and more trends that couples must consider when planning their union. We’ve already taken a look at the somewhat typical engagement photo shoot, and traveled to the other end of the spectrum with our bridal boudoir series. Today we thought we would look at another type of shoot that in essence, breaks tradition, but is becoming more and more popular in the bridal world: “First Looks”. Exactly what is a first look, and what is the big debate?

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