8 Awesome Engagement Photo Backgrounds

Having your engagement photos taken at a location that truly showcases you both as a couple is so important. No matter where you choose to take your engagement photos, you want to find a location or venue that offers some gorgeous photo opportunities with a perfect background. Even though the photos will be focusing on you together as a couple taking the next step in your relationship, you still need to consider the background that you will be photographed in front of.

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Snowy Engagement Photos

It stays snowy in many places around the world for many months of the year and it truly is a beautiful thing. Are you planning your engagement photos when it could possibly be snowing? Not to worry! The beautiful white blanket covering the landscape can also make for some very beautiful snowy engagement photos and we have found many amazing photos to show you to today that prove that you can still have the best engagement photos even if snow is covering all the land!

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Downtown Denver Engagement Session

These engagement photos we want to showcase today are of Chad and Jeanne during their beautiful downtown Denver engagement session. They included their furry friend in a few of the photos, which we just love, and it makes their photos that much more meaningful to them as a couple. If you have a pet you would like to include in your wedding or engagement photos, here are some great ways to include pets in your own wedding photos.

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7 Fun and Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

When it comes to your wedding and engagement, the possibilities are truly endless! No matter what theme, location or type of wedding you choose to have, it is all up to you. You can also capture some amazing wedding photography along the way that will bring so many memories you will cherish forever. With your photography, there are so many fun and creative wedding photo ideas out there that you could recreate.

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5 Photographers Give Their Best Engagement Session Tips

You are engaged to the one you love with all your heart and have been planning your wedding for a few months now and things are starting to come together. Now it is time to meet with your wedding photographer and take your engagement photos. We reached out to awesome photographers to get engagement session tips for you to think about while getting ready to have your engagement session. Enjoy!

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Fun Fire Department Engagement Photos

There are so many unique ideas you can do when it comes to putting together your engagement photo session. You can choose a location that is special to you both as a couple or even dress in your favorite sports team jerseys. Some people even choose to theme their photos around one of their careers or passions. This post will showcase a few couples who are involved in the fire department and centered their photos around that. These fun fire department engagement photos show that you really can do anything your heart desires when it comes to your engagement session.

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Gorgeous Fall Engagement Session at Planting Fields Arboretum

The Planting Fields Arboretum, located in Oyster Bay, New York, has 409 acres of beautiful land with various surroundings to set the perfect backdrop for engagement photos. No matter what season you choose, you will not be disappointed with the scenery it has to offer. Whether you prefer the vibrant green colors of spring and summer, the gorgeous hues of red, orange, and yellow during the fall, or maybe the crisp white land after fresh snow has fallen in the winter, this is the place for you!

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