Cavendar Castle Wedding in Dahlonega, GA by Kristy Dickerson

It was him trying to convince her to take the plunge, to trust in him and to take life’s journey with him. Johnathan is a strong, loving firefighter and Jessica is young, smart, beautiful woman that is full of life. We all have a story…and it is our story. Seriously I pinch myself

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Zach & Audra’s Wedding & Reception in the Forest by Baby Grace Photography

As I sit here struggling to narrow down the images for the blog I am equally at a loss for how to shorten my story about Zach & Audra… But several people the day of Zach & Audra’s wedding commented on how they were “soul mates”, they don’t fight, the agree on just about everything and they are like the same person. We did a special moment before the ceremony for just the two of them to see one another and get some photographs. We knew it would be too much to do all the photographs after the ceremony and too dark. I did their engagement photographs at the same location that they had their reception

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