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We met Zida of Studio Z Mendocino at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) tradeshow and convention this past March. It was a serendipitous meeting – we happened to share a table in the food court at lunch – and we stayed in touch over the last
couple months.

It was wonderful meeting Zida – she was very nice and expressed an earnest interest in SnapKnot and what we were trying to accomplish at WPPI. Zida brought along her portfolio and we had the opportunity to thumb through her work. We were very impressed!

Studio Z Mendocino is a graphic design and letterpress printing studio dedicated to giving your business a beautiful, stylish edge in your corporate identity materials to stand out from your competitors. Studio Z creates logos, advertisements, corporate stationery, invitations, announcements, promotional and merchandising materials, posters, brochures, rack cards and, famously, the most amazing business cards ever.

Wedding photographers will be interested in Zida’s services to give their business cards, identity materials and other collateral a fresh, finely-crafted look.

Engaged couples will find Zida a great resource for creating distinctive save-the-dates and wedding invitations.

“Zida has truly given me a new brand and I love her for that!” – Maria Bernal

Maria Bernal was at our same table at lunch. Maria is a wedding photographer and friend of Zida’s, and recently asked her to design new business cards for a brand refresh. She showed us the results:

maria bernal business cards

Photo by Pablo Abuliak

These were the most impressive business cards I’ve ever seen! Great design on a very thick mount. These cards are bigger and bolder in all dimensions than the average business card – a real piece of art that you want to keep upon receiving it. Impossible to throw away or forget about like so many dozens of thin business cards collected at networking events. This is a real “keeper” – and that’s exactly what you want in a business card!

Zida gives the details of these cards: “Black, super thick Museum Mount with three foils: black gloss foil, pewter-silvery foil and hot pink fuchsia foil. The bodacious flash of hot pink edge painting sent her new business cards on a trajectory to Venus. Nobody can believe them.”

Why should you consider getting high-end business cards?

“I consider business cards little ambassadors for your business that have to work super hard for you when you are no longer there. Many of our cards do cost over $1 a piece, and the people who are willing to bite the bullet and even put it on their credit card invariably tell me how happy they are they made that investment in their business, that the cards are so special that people won’t even put them in their purses or pockets…they put them on their mantles and call back in two weeks because they couldn’t stop thinking about them. So it is sort of a magical thing, a powerful business tool that works.” – Zida

Zida designed the business cards for one of our newest wedding photographers, Gavin Wade:

gavin wade business cardPhoto credit: Studio Z Mendocino

Zida also has talent when it comes to designing lovely wedding invitations:

wedding invitation studio z mendocino

Photo credit: Studio Z Mendocino

“A fabulous invitation makes people want to go. They can’t wait.” – Zida

wedding invitation studio z mendocino

wedding invitation studio z mendocino

Photo credits: Studio Z Mendocino

Studio Z Mendocino is located in northern California on the
Mendocino coast.

Contact Zida today for her fabulous graphic design & letterpress services!
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