Charity Maurer loves the simple things in life, and that translates in her photos of special wedding moments! This Phoenix, Arizona photographer is inspired by the small, almost unnoticed moments and gestures that make up a special day.

Special Moments with Charity Maurer

Charity Maurer

“I’m all about cherishing those simple things: the simple sign of friendship in the holding of hands, or a child’s delight as she twirls in a pretty new dress.”

Special Wedding Moments with Charity Maurer Photography

Charity Maurer Photography // Phoenix, Arizona

Charity’s favorite wedding story? Being able to capture a beautiful moment between a bride and her great grandmother.  The bride was bent down smiling and talking with her Grandma, and she rushed over to snap a photo before the moment was gone.

Just a week after the wedding Charity found out that the Grandma had passed, allowing her to realize the value of that one precious photo.  Every little moment has its value, and its moments like this that keep Charity motivated!

Special Wedding Moments with Charity Maurer Photography

Charity Maurer Photography // Phoenix, Arizona

Special Wedding Moments with Charity Maurer PhotographyWineryStyled (85 of 312)Special Weddings Moments with Charity Maurer

Creating has always been Charity’s passion. As a girl, she would devour her American Girl craft books looking for anything she could make, loving the thought of taking simple materials and creating something fresh and beautiful out of them. When she first starting shooting when she was 16, Charity was blown away with the things you could do with a camera.

“I could take an apple, place it in stunning light, and make it look like something incredibly beautiful. Honestly, as a believer in Jesus, this is a picture of the gospel to me. Photography is an overflowing of what I see God do with us, and that is truly the heart of why I love and pursue photography!

Special Wedding Moments by Charity Maurer

Charity Maurer Photography // Phoenix, Arizona

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It is no wonder that Charity loves the simple elements as she pulls her artistic inspiration from a California photographer, Jose Villa.  He too captures images that are simple, yet “so beautiful”. Charity also allows herself to be inspired by family and friends in the industry, always looking to create something new!

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