Marketing Mojo is a monthly piece in Rangefinder Magazine which discusses ways in which photographers can more effectively market themselves. In the February issue, the Marketing Mojo feature asked several photographers to share insight into what sort of new social media and mobile technology tools they were using. SnapKnot is very pleased that we were mentioned by several photographers as one of several new tools they are using to promote their photography businesses:

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(Reprinted courtesy of Rangefinder Magazine)

Photographers mentioned in the article:

Ashley Therese Photography (Fairfield County, CT/NYC)
Amanda McMahon Photography (Maryland/D.C.)
Catherine Hall Studios (San Francisco)
Cathy and David Photographers (Chicago)
KrashingMotions (LA)
Eric Keith Scott Photography (Dallas)
Feuza Reis (New Jersey)
Gaelen Norman (Vancouver)
Gavin Wade Photographers (Orange County, CA)
Korie Lynn Photography (D.C.)
LMMP Photography by Raven Mathis (Louisville, KY)
Tab McCausland (Orlando, FL)
Rhee Bevere Photography (San Francisco)
Your Reflections by Tonya Ailshie (Knoxville, TN)
Tracie Howe Photography (Seattle, WA)

Have you used any of the strategies discussed in the article? What are some other tools that you find useful that were not mentioned? Please share in the comments below!

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