Engagement season is here and so is winter! While many people may think it best to hold off on engagement pictures until it warms up, they may not think about the magical feeling the outdoors can provide even in this chilly time. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good snow day? It’s a perfect time to put nature’s wonders to use and plan a snowy engagement session. It may be cold, but that’s part of the fun! We found some perfect snowy engagement photo ideas that will warm your heart and make you reconsider waiting until spring.

Photo Credit: The Hearnes

Photo Credit: Melanie Bultez

snowy engagement photo

Photo Credit: Mae Small

Photo Credit: Karizma Photography

snowy engagement photo

Photo Credit: Gautum Narayan

snowy engagement photo

Photo Credit: Echo Photography

snowy engagement photo

Photo Credit: Becca Sutherland

We love winter engagement photos! It is truly a great time to show off your playful side with your partner and capture it to always remember. We hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we do. Hopefully these beautiful photos give you some ideas of all the wonderful and cozy things you can do for your own snowy engagement session! We would love to see what you did, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @snapknot so we can love your photos! Until then, check out this awesome snowy wedding in Greece!

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