Winter is different in so many places. I you live somewhere where it snows all through the winter months, the snow is such a fun thing to incorporate into your wedding photos. If the temperatures stay a bit milder in your neck of the woods, it is still nice to use the deep hues of wintery colors to create a beautiful winter theme for your wedding day. There are so many different ideas for winter weddings, and here we wanted to showcase some amazing snowy winter wedding photos that we thought would help get you thinking about various ideas if you are planning a winter wedding.

Here are some great snowy winter wedding photos that we absolutely love that prove you can make even the coldest and snowiest wedding day simply stunning!

winter wedding photos, Sewell Photography

Photo credit: Sewell Photography

Sorensen Foto

Photo credit: Sorensen Foto via BuzzFeed

winter wedding photos, Brinton Studios

Photo credit: Brinton Studios


winter wedding photos

Photo credit:

Snow is so beautiful and it just makes for such amazing wedding photography. As you can see from these photos from local photographers all over the world, there is so much you can do with the snow. From building a snowman together, to simply walking through the snowy fields together, or just sharing a kiss in a house that is covered from head to toe in lots of snow, it makes for a beautiful backdrop to any wedding photo.

Are you newly engaged and planning your own winter wedding for next year? Be sure to also check out these beautiful long-sleeved wedding dresses that would be perfect for a cold weather wedding and here some fun ideas that you could do for your winter wedding. And, be sure to download our wedding planning checklist to help you stay on track!

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