We have had some great informative posts up on our blog over the past year as well as so, so many amazing real weddings and engagements that have been showcased. Here are a our 5 top blog posts of 2014 just in case you need a little refresher when you start your wedding planning!

1. Funny Wedding Photos

From a bride drinking her groom and the groomsmen under the table, to a Harry Potter themed photo with the bride and groom casting a spell on their wedding party, these wedding photos are sure to make you laugh!

5 top blog posts of 2014; Igo Photography

Photo Credit: Igo Photography

2. Amazing Wedding Photos With Wildfires In The Backdrop

This couple had their wedding in Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon and had to hurry through their ceremony as wildfires burned in the background!

5 top blog posts of 2014; Josh Newton

Photo credit: Josh Newton

3. Best Colors For Engagement Pictures

What you wear in your engagement photos are just as important as all the other details just like the location or posing. If you choose to wear clothing that is not camera friendly, the photos may not turn out as wonderful as you had hoped. This post is a quick guide on the best colors for engagement pictures and some other good information to think about when planning your outfits for your photo session.

5 top blog posts of 2014, Marie Angela Photography

Photo credit: Marie Angela Photography

4. Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

These wedding photography ideas go beyond the traditional wedding photos and are unique in so many ways!

5 top blog posts of 2014, Volkan Kovancisoy

Photo credit: Volkan Kovancisoy

5. Engagement Photo Outfits

it’s so important to choose the attire for your engagement photos carefully. Engagement photo outfits that reflect your unique personality as well as your love for one another will be treasured for years to come. The blog offers tips from us that may inspire the perfect selection for your photo session!

Joanna Moss Photography

Photo credit: Joanna Moss Photography

Wedding Photographers on SnapKnot

If you are engaged, make sure you also download our free wedding planning checklist to keep your planning perfectly on track!

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