Portland, Maine is home to Linda of Linda Barry Photography, a talented professional who uses her clean, simple wedding photography skills to deliver photos of an almost magical quality.

When she’s not reading up on anything and everything photography related (and shooting, of course), Linda is either nurturing her addiction to tea (green or peppermint), teaching her husband ASL (usually while brushing their teeth), or watching Tia & Tamera. Listening to the “Lullaby” station on Pandora and working on the development of laugh wrinkles also make this photographer’s list of favorite activities….outside her love of photography.

_DSC2386-1Linda has been a professional photographer for almost a year and a half now, and is constantly finding ways to perfect her art. It is with the help of a good friend who took a leap of faith in Linda and asked her to photograph her wedding that she started her career!

True to how she got her start, Linda attributes her success to the influence of her family and friends who have continually helped her along her journey. On a professional level, she is inspired by Khara Plicanic, Trevor Dayley, Carrie Swails, and Oh So Posh Photography.

simple wedding photographysimple wedding photographersimple wedding photographyLinda has had the opportunity to cover numerous weddings during her career and one of her favorites involves a flower mishap! The bride ended up with the wrong flowers from the florist and no one realized until 30 minutes before the ceremony. The bridesmaids had no bouquets, and the bridal bouquet was pink, while there was not a drop of pink in their wedding theme. “Moral of the story,” says Linda, “is to never let the groom pick up the flowers since he won’t know the difference!”

She encourages couples to follow their gut when choosing their photographer. She suggests that they choose one based on personality and how well they connect with them, not price. After all, you are trusting them with the most important day of your life!

“It is truly a blessing [to be a photographer] and I thank every one of you for giving me a chance.”

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For more clean, simple wedding photography, visit Linda Barry Photography.

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