Today’s Friday Photo Feature was taken by the team behind Leslie Spurlock Photography. Although Leslie edited this magnificent rainbow wedding portrait, it was Todd Stricker, her second shooter, who nailed the shot. The couple, Carrie and Scotty, were married on July 14th, 2012 at the Filter Building in Dallas, Texas. They had stormy skies that day, but the clouds eventually cleared to display two beautiful rainbows!
Says Leslie:

“Luckly Todd happened to go outside and saw the rainbows and gorgeous sky and thought to quickly grab the bride and groom from the reception to photograph them.”

Rainbow Wedding Portrait by Leslie Spurlock PhotographyWant to re-enact this shot?

Brides: You hired your photographer for their artistic eye. When they let you know that there is an amazing image, take their advice and go with the flow; most likely you will be happy with the results. The bride and groom would have missed out on this image if they hadn’t taken 5 minutes from their schedule to come outside and pose for the shot.

Photographers: Todd took this image with a Canon 5d 24-105 4.0 lens. His tip for achieving a shot like this is to look for the light, as it’s what makes the picture.

“The contrast between the dark clouds coming in and the bright sky really helped make the image.”

Loved this stunning rainbow wedding portrait and want to see more of Todd and Leslie’s work? Visit Leslie Spurlock Photography.

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