If you are a photographer looking to streamline your workflow and maximize profits, you should take a look at what Fundy Software has to offer. Andrew Funderburg and his team have put together a suite of software to help photographers with: photo album design and proofing; workflow and pricing; photo editing and marketing tools.

Here are some details about the main products Fundy has to offer:

Fundy Album Builder generates layouts right in Photoshop and lets you retouch with the simple click of a button.

Fundy Workflow enables photographs to apply filters and certain settings to an entire batch of photographs or edit them one by one.

Fundy Prosper helps set prices for different photography packages that help meet your customers’ needs.

Aside from these three main products, Fundy has more to offer including Blog Collage, Image Brander, and Album Proofer.  All of these products help to ease the photo editing process and increase your bottom line. Learn more about this quick and easy software suite.

See what satisfied Fundy customers are raving about!

New member tip: Did you know that all SnapKnot Diamond members receive over $200 in value in SnapKnot Swag, including $40 off Fundy’s Image Brander software?

Details here.

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