In many ways, a wedding is like a beautiful, well-choreographed ballet. You have been dreaming of this day for quite some time and you want everyone to be in the right place at the right time so they can play their part in the events of the wedding ceremony in the best and most beautiful way possible.

Just as a good ballet needs a director, a well-timed wedding needs a wedding coordinator to keep everyone on track and handle unexpected snags in the timeline. Often times, ten or more third-party vendors come together to create the magic of a wedding day, and the last thing the bride-to-be wants is to waste her wedding day tracking flower deliveries and answering questions about equipment set-up.

If you do have a wedding coordinator, let them do their job. Just remember its good to be aware of what they are doing so that you can ensure your wedding planner gets your wedding done just the way you want it. Thats is what you pay them for!

And if your handling the planning yourself or with family, its also good to know the most common moving parts and vendors you will have to keep track of.

Here are the top 10 vendors that play a major role in the wedding day’s success and how a wedding coordinator is imperative for managing this large wedding team.

1. Venue Owner

The first major decision every engaged couple has to make is where to have the wedding. Whether the bride wants an intimate destination wedding on a beach or a large wedding with all her family and friends at a luxury hotel, everything must coordinate with the venue owner. The wedding coordinator often knows many local venues and is familiar with their policies and requirements for hosting a wedding.

2. Caterer

The wedding caterer is responsible for overseeing the majority of the food, drinks, and desserts served to guests. It is important that the food arrive on time and is prepared to specifications, such as vegetarian for certain guests or avoiding shellfish for guests with allergies. A wedding coordinator can keep tabs on all these requirements and double-check the food before it is served.

3. Wedding Cake Baker

If the catering company doesn’t provide its own wedding cake services, or the bride chooses a separate cake vendor, a wedding cake company will prepare the cake to the couple’s exact specifications. The wedding coordinator ensures the cake is delivered on time and tracks who is responsible for cutting and serving the cake.

4. Florist

Florists prepare not only the bouquets for the bride and wedding party, but also any floral decorations needed for the ceremony and reception sites. From floral clusters adorning the ceremony archway to rose petals scattered down the aisle, the coordinator sees to it that the florist delivers the correct order to the venue early enough for set-up.

5. Transportation

Whether the bride wants to arrive in style in a horse-drawn carriage or the guests arrive in a massive fancy luxury party bus to shuttle them from the hotel to the ceremony site (which I have done and it was a blast)! Arranging wedding transportation is key for making sure everyone gets where they need to go. The wedding coordinator will oversee schedules so that drivers and guests are in the right place at the right time.

6. Wedding Photographer

Nothing captures the magic of a wedding day quite like a perfectly-timed photograph. In all the hustle and bustle, the wedding coordinator can ensure the wedding photographer is where she needs to be and that all the requested shots are taken before the event is over. If you need to find your perfect photographer, be sure to sign up for a FREE account on SnapKnot to be matched with ones that fit your needs.

7. Videographer

Today’s couples are realizing the value of a videographer to capture the sights and sounds of the wedding day. Sometimes hired from within the same company as the photographer and sometimes a different vendor altogether, the videographer must stay on schedule to make sure all the important moments are captured on camera.

8. Stylist

One of the earliest of all the vendors to arrive, an on-site hair stylist and makeup artist ensures everyone looks radiant for the upcoming wedding ceremony. You want everyone involved to dress in a way that is cohesive with the theme and feel of your wedding. You may want a young and hip theme where your bridesmaids are dawning Ray Ban sunglasses, Vans and vintage jewelry, or you may want a very traditional properly themed wedding. Or anything in between.

The point is the planner and stylist can make sure that every wardrobe detail for those involved in the wedding is exactly how you would want it. The wedding coordinator can track exactly when the stylist should arrive and can also handle payments and tips for the stylist.

9. Musician or DJ

An event isn’t a celebration without good music! From live musicians at the wedding ceremony to a lively DJ at the reception, musical talent helps set the mood and provides the appropriate atmosphere for the event. Musicians must arrive early enough to set up and test equipment, and a wedding coordinator will keep an eye on the clock to see that the band is ready to go on time.

10. Officiant

Finally, no wedding would be complete – or legally binding – without the wedding officiant to perform the ceremony. Both religious and secular wedding ceremonies need a state-approved officiant to oversee the ceremony and sign and file the marriage license with the state. A wedding coordinator will ensure the officiant understands the correct order of events for the ceremony and remembers to complete the marriage license to seal the deal.

While each vendor is often an experienced professional with many successful weddings in their portfolio, they all need a central person to provide direction, answer questions, and step in to handle unexpected changes or issues. Wedding coordinators are the key to helping weddings run smoothly. Whether rainy weather forces a last minute ceremony relocation or the florist brings the wrong bouquets, the wedding coordinator can handle these tricky situations so the bride and groom can focus on the most important part of the day, getting married.

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This post was written by Bethany with Bethany Cleg Photography. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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