A wedding is such a special event and most people will find themselves wiping away tears at some point during the ceremony or reception. There are so many memorable moments that make every person who is attending feel joyful and full of love. These moments are also the best times for the wedding photographer to capture those times so they can be remembered for years and years to come. Picture perfect wedding moments will happen all throughout the wedding, from early in the day while everyone is getting ready to the final moments when the bride and groom are leaving in their getaway car.

Here are those picture perfect wedding moments that you want to be sure your wedding photographer captures for you!

The First Look Between Bride and Groom

The first look is a special time where the bride and groom gets to see each other alone before the ceremony. If you choose to do one, you can talk and spend time together in your last moments together before saying ‘I do.’ The first look is also a perfect time for your photographer to capture the look on the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time, and to also photograph the two of you spending those few quality moments together while sharing a kiss or even a few moments to reflect or rest. After the craziness that can go into the days leading up to your wedding, a few moments together to take a deep breath, talk or just enjoy time to reflect on your day is well worth it.

If you decide that you do not want to see each other before the ceremony, that is perfectly fine! It is your wedding and you can do whatever makes you and your groom happy. If the first time the groom sees you is when you are walking down the isle, the expression on his face is another first look moment that you do not want the photographer to miss out on!

Planning your own first look session? Read these 3 tips to taking first look photos and you may enjoy checking out these first look photos from a stylish Utah wedding.

Father of the Bride’s First Look

Fathers and daughters share a special and unique relationship that is unlike any other. On a daughter’s wedding day, it is time for the father to give her away to the new man in her life, but the special father-daughter bond will never be broken. Seeing the look on dad’s face when he sees his beautiful daughter dressed in her wedding gown for the first time is a special and very emotional moment. It is a whirlwind for him to think back on his little girl who has grown into such a beautiful woman and it is such a perfect moment to capture in a wedding photo.

Here are some amazing father of the bride photos you should see!

picture perfect wedding moments, Robyn van Dyke

Photo credit: Robyn van Dyke

First Dance

Every woman dreams of that moment when you have your first dance with your husband… what a special moment it is! Most of the time a couple uses a song that they have always loved, whether it be one they danced together to in the past or one that has a special meaning to them both. This moment shared together is so special and is definitely a picture perfect wedding moment!

Trying to figure out what song would be best for your first dance? Here is a list of 20 of our favorite first dance songs!

picture perfect wedding moments, Jana Williams Photography

Photo credit: Jana Williams Photography

If you are looking for your perfect wedding photographer to capture these picture perfect wedding moments for you, be sure to read through these 15 questions to ask your wedding photographer before you book them.

You can also download our FREE wedding planning checklist to help keep your planning on track!

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