Setting Up A Photography Business

Setting up a photography business (or really any business for that matter) is so important. There are so many details you want to make sure you do not forget so you stay on the right path to a successful business. Rachel Brenke with The Law Tog did a great post all about setting up a photography business the right way, that we just had to share with you!

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Instagram Tips for Photographers

Instagram is a huge social media platform…. it is actually one of the fastest growing social media sites out there. With over 200 million users, 15 times more engagement than Facebook and 40 times more engagement than Twitter, Instagram is continuing to gain popularity. If you do not like using all the various social media sites out there for your business, Instagram is one you should highly consider. We wanted to share some Instagram tips for photographers that will help you market your work. We also found this awesome infographic on QuickSprout that we thought would be a good reference for you.

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Image Size Requirements for Facebook

Having a business in today’s world, it is so important to reach out to your customers through all of the various social media channels. It is a great place for all photographers to showcase examples of your work and (hopefully) have them go viral and help promote your company. So, have you ever been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and wondered what size images you have to use? Here is a handy infographic from Constant Contact with some details for image size requirements for Facebook and other social media sites.

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Happy National Camera Day!

In celebration of this wonderful day, we wanted to share with you this history of the photographic camera.  For as long as we have known, people have been taking photos and how cool it is to see how the tools and equipment that are needed have progressed and changed over the years.

Taking a photo is so special to so many people. We all do it… we take photos and hire photographers for those special moments in our lives that we want to cherish forever. I guess it is a way for us to stop time and remember that exact moment precisely how it happened.

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Digital Wedding Photography Dilemma – BrideBox Pro Can Help

Like many other industries in recent years, digital wedding photography has become very popular. This evolution is affecting professional photographers alike as well as the services that they now have to offer due to this digital wedding photography dilemma. Many photographers find that brides are asking for the images in a digital format and are not interested in ordering prints or albums, which in turn detracts from the professional wedding photography business since being able to sell tangible products is an added bonus to working with any couple on their wedding photography.

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How to Clean Your Camera

We found this great Canon tutorial on Peta Pixel about how to clean your camera and we just had to share!

Even though all your camera gear and equipment is built tough, it does not mean that you should not take care of it and clean your camera regularly. Canon’s service and support team recently put out a video that shows you the best practices to clean your camera throughly and properly so it lasts as long as it possibly can!

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How Google Works

Google is so important for any business… so have you ever wondered exactly how google works? Here is a quick run-down of all you need to know about Google and using it for your business.

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