To celebrate our growing community of both established and aspiring photographers, the SnapKnot team decided to host a second annual free camera giveaway (you can see our first photography winner here). The contest came and went, and winners were chosen. But who received the grand prize? A budding photographer by the name of Joshua Thomforde! Joshua was kind enough to send over his inspiring story to share with the rest of the community and encourage others, like him, that hard work really does pay off (in the form of a brand-new, shiny Nikon D800)!

This  was elated when he found out that he won our camera contest.

“The D800 is a dream camera for me, and one that I would have never been able to buy for myself. I am now the envy of all of my photographer friends, which makes winning even more fun!”

Photography WinnerOur photography winner is not only talented, but has a kind and generous heart as well. He uses his skills to help friends and acquaintances when they need a professional photographer, and in turn, has used those experiences as opportunities to really hone and develop his personal style.

His favorite type of images to capture are snapshots of life; photos that make you feel like you are experiencing that exact moment all over again.

“It’s a gift that I want to give to my daughters so that they will always see and remember the great times we have together as a family. Thanks to SnapKnot and the brilliant photos my new D800 takes, my daughters will have vivid memories that will last more than a lifetime!”

Photography Winner Photography WinnerJoshua is the media director at his church, World Worship Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and works as the photo lab supervisor at Costco. He also owns his own business, Blinding Sight Productions, doing web and graphic design.

“I spend all day every day completely immersed in creating for others, and bringing their vision to life. I have fallen in love with photography because it is something that is just for me; a hobby that I can do when and how I want.”

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See our previous giveaway winners in our Camera Giveaway Hall of Fame., Josh now gets to join them in our Winners Circle!

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