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Do you ever ask yourself, “How can I get more photography clients?” Wedding Mind Tricks is a fantastic ebook from Ken Luallen that is 100% about increasing your conversion rate on your website. What does this mean? Increase the number of wedding photography clients booking with you without having to increase your website traffic. You already have couples coming to your website who need and want to purchase wedding photography – why aren’t they becoming new clients for you?

get more clients wedding mind tricks ebook

Photography Clients

Ken’s brilliant ebook illustrates several key ideas for turning your website into a booking machine. Wedding Mind Tricks teaches you how to:

  • Quickly fix your situation of not having enough bookings
  • Learn the magical skill of online conversion
  • Fix your incorrect assumptions and influence prospective clients’ decision-making process
  • Think about your business differently
  • Think about your website differently
  • Turn your photos into irresistible products
  • Make couples hear your message online
  • Become irresistible online!

In the end it’s all about that conversion process – how can you turn prospective clients into actual paying clients? You are an artist but you are also running a business, and anything you can do to increase sales when couples are already visiting your website is pure gold.

Wedding Mind Tricks carries a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Despite its name, it is not about gimmicks or tricks – it contains actionable advice to make your website work harder for you so you can book more photography clients, generate more business revenue, and in the end make more money.

It’s an easily downloadable pdf that you can read and reference whenever you like.

Ken changed careers from news anchor to wedding photographer and he has booked a quarter of a million dollars in weddings both in the US and internationally. Read what he has to say – if you don’t like it he’ll give you a full refund. If you do you could turn your wedding photography website into a booking machine and get more clients for yourself.

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get more wedding photography clients wedding mind tricks

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