Precious Moments – More Photos of the Bride and Her Father

Every father looks forward to the day when he can walk his daughter down the aisle. It is such a treasured moment in every father’s life, and though it may break his heart, he knows he will always be his daughter’s favorite man. These adorable photos of the bride and her father show just how unique and special the father-daughter bond truly is.

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Do You Want To Capture Your Proposal Photos?

A proposal… it is something that you have planned out (and even dreamed about) for so long! Now you have picked out the perfect ring and are all ready to pop the question. It is going to be a moment the two of you remember forever. The moment that you agree to get married to that special person. Many times a proposal happens when no one else is around, or when you least expect it. Sometimes, it has been planned out intricately. Either way, you will want to look back on that moment – and the only real way to do that is by capturing proposal photos of you asking.

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Precious Moments: Father of the Bride Photos

Fathers and daughters share a special and unique relationship that is unlike any other. On a daughter’s wedding day, it is time for the father to give her away to the new man in her life, but the special father-daughter bond will never be broken. These precious father of the bride photos show just how much a wedding day affects fathers and their daughters.

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5 Cute Ways on How To Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

He popped the question and you said “yes!” And now, you can not wait to announce the good news to everyone on all of your social media accounts. We found these super cute photos with different ways on how to announce your engagement on social media that we thought would be so fun to share with you all.

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The Importance of Wedding Ring Photos

There are SO MANY important photos you want to be sure you get throughout your wedding. Many couples want to get engagement photos together, and then of course bridal portraits of the bride in her amazing wedding gown, and then all the special moments of the wedding day. Your engagement and wedding band are also a very important momento in your relationship. It represents love and a lifetime together. That is why it is so important to make sure your wedding photographer captures some beautiful wedding ring photos.

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24 Love Themed Wedding and Engagement Photos

With Valentines Day right around the corner, we couldn’t help but share cute ideas for some romantic love themed wedding and engagement photos.

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding. You must pick a date, and venue. Then you have to pick a wedding photographer, pick and send out invitations, find the perfect wedding dress, and so much more! You even have to pick a theme and you want to make sure you pick a theme that represents you as a couple.

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18 Really Awesome Jumping Wedding Photos

With so many couples trying to make their wedding unique and fun for their guests, there is a lot of pressure to making your wedding unique and different from the norm. Why not try taking fun jumping wedding photos with your wedding party or other guests? That will for sure bring a bit of excitement to the event! These jumping wedding photos show that just by adding a little fun, you can not only capture some amazing wedding photography, but you can have a blast on your big day as well!

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Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

We love winter…. I mean, why not? You can play in the snow, wear comfy sweaters, scarfs and boots, and best yet, snuggle up next to the fireplace with the one you love. If you are engaged, have found your perfect wedding photographer, and are now planning out your engagement photos for the winter months, here are some awesome winter engagement photo ideas that we think you are sure to love. So sit back, snuggle up, start that fire, and enjoy these great pics to help bring you inspiration for your own engagement session!

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Fairy Tale Wedding Photography

Many brides want their special day to be just like pages out of a fairy tale! They also want those special moments to be captured beautifully by their wedding photographer so they can always look back and remember that day. We found these beautiful bride and groom photos in this article on Huffington Post who were lucky enough to have fairy tale wedding photography that really truly looked like they were supposed to be from the princess love stories we all know and grew up reading.

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