Picture Perfect Wedding Moments

A wedding is such a special event and most people will find themselves wiping away tears at some point during the ceremony or reception. There are so many memorable moments that make every person who is attending feel joyful and full of love. These moments are also the best times for the wedding photographer to capture those times so they can be remembered for years and years to come. Picture perfect wedding moments will happen all throughout the wedding, from early in the day while everyone is getting ready to the final moments when the bride and groom are leaving in their getaway car.

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Unique Engagement Photo Locations We Love

Having an engagement photo session is very popular among engaged couples. They allow couples to take photos from a special moment in their lives that they can keep forever. The photos can also be used to announce the couple’s engagement or when it comes time to send out an official wedding date to guests.

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7 Fun and Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

When it comes to your wedding and engagement, the possibilities are truly endless! No matter what theme, location or type of wedding you choose to have, it is all up to you. You can also capture some amazing wedding photography along the way that will bring so many memories you will cherish forever. With your photography, there are so many fun and creative wedding photo ideas out there that you could recreate.

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5 Photographers Give Their Best Engagement Session Tips

You are engaged to the one you love with all your heart and have been planning your wedding for a few months now and things are starting to come together. Now it is time to meet with your wedding photographer and take your engagement photos. We reached out to awesome photographers to get engagement session tips for you to think about while getting ready to have your engagement session. Enjoy!

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A Few Of Our Favorite Wedding Reception Entrances

Trying to make your wedding day stand out from others can be extremely difficult these days! A popular trend that started a few years ago is creating fun wedding reception entrances and exits. Whether it is a bride and groom or the wedding entire party involved, having an exciting entrance and exit from your reception will put a huge smile on the faces of your guests!

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Awesome Military Wedding Ideas

Memorial Day is a day where we remember and honor those who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces of the United States. As we at SnapKnot remember the lives lost on this day, we wanted to share some awesome military wedding ideas with all of you. We have chosen some of our favorite military wedding and engagement photos that we know you will fall in love with just as much as we have!

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Great Ideas For Disney Engagement Photos

Disney World is known as the most magical place on earth, and for good reason. No matter your age, going into one of the Disney parks is so wonderful and makes you feel like a child again. If you are a lover of all things Disney, it could be fun to have a Disney themed wedding. Or, if you prefer, you could plan your destination wedding in Disney World or Disney Land. If having a Disney wedding is not something you want, perhaps just theme your engagement photos around it. We have found some great ideas for Disney engagement photos that we wanted to share that could spark some amazing photo ideas for you and your fiancé.

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9 Bad Weather Wedding Photos That Turned Out Amazing

There is no bride or groom out there that hopes for bad weather on their wedding day. Unfortunatley, sometimes the bad weather just happens. We have noticed that if you have a great wedding photographer that can make the best in any weather, there is just something about those bad weather wedding photos that seriously turn out amazing.

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7 Photos Every Couple Should Take

Your wedding photos will tell the beautiful story of one of the most wonderful days of your life. Your wedding photographer will be taking photos throughout the entire day but you want to make sure they capture all the special photos you want. So what types of photos would be great shots to get? We have gotten some great advice on photos every couple should take from many amazing wedding photographers, some of them SnapKnot photographer members.

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Photographer Feature: Mirage Artistic Photography

Today we want to introduce you to SnapKnot member Jorge Valdivia with Mirage Artistic Photography. He is a local photographer based out of Belleville, New Jersey and has 10 years of experience with some amazing photos to prove it!

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