Chris Razoyk is one of our newest Philly photographers here on SnapKnot, and it’s a pleasure to have someone of his talent showcase his work on the site. Chris is relatively new to blogging, but one of his recent entries talks about how he was featured in Rangefinder magazine over the summer. If you don’t already know, Rangefinder is one of the top magazines in the photography industry so this was a pretty impressive accomplishment for Chris. The article talks about Chris’s two very different professions: U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer and photographer! Fascinating article on Chris below – interested couples can also check out his wedding photography work on SnapKnot.

“This past July I had the honor of being one of the feature articles in Rangefinder magazine.  Pretty crazy actually Ha Ha!  This is one one of the most well known and respected photography magazines in the country geared towards professionals.  I have always wanted to get a photo published in the portrait issue, so I thought I would go out on a limb and send a photo to the editor.  All I was really looking for was a small photo to be included anywhere….”
[read the rest of the story behind Chris’s feature]

See the original post here:
Rangefinder Article!!!

Chris Razoyk is a Premium wedding photographer based in Philadelphia.

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