Sunnyside Pavilion – Awesome Wedding Venue #7

Another awesome wedding venue we want to share is the Sunnyside Pavilion in Toronto, Canada. A casual and inviting beachfront cafe providing delicious cuisine and cocktails combined to offer a one of a kind world class beachfront event space that is perfect for a wedding!

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Snowy Engagement Photo Ideas

Engagement season is here and so is winter! While many people may think it best to hold off on engagement pictures until it warms up, they may not think about the magical feeling the outdoors can provide even in this chilly time. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good snow day? It’s a perfect time to put nature’s wonders to use and plan a snowy engagement session. It may be cold, but that’s part of the fun! We found some perfect snowy engagement photo ideas that will warm your heart and make you reconsider waiting until spring.

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Stunning Science Themed Wedding

This week we are excited to showcase a stunning science themed wedding submitted to us by Kathryn of BWedding Invitations. This beautiful wedding between Jessica and John was photographed by Darin Collinson of Darin Collinson Photography. Here is a little about the couple and their love story:

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Holiday Engagement Session

We have now entered the holiday engagement season and the stories that come with this time do not disappoint. This week we are showcasing a romantic holiday engagement session between Nick and Esther. These beautiful photos were taken by Samantha Ong of Samantha Ong Photography. Here is what Samantha had to say about the lovely couple (and it is a story to fall in love with!).

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Photographer Feature: Avari Studios

Today we wanted to showcase a few beautiful wedding photos taken by Phi Pham with Avari Studios. He is an Elite SnapKnot member based out of Boston, Massachusetts but travels throughout the country taking photos in places including Cape Cod, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Newark, Seattle, Tampa, York Beach.

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Festive Winter Wedding Ideas

‘Tis the season for feeling the holiday magic in the air! If you’re anything like us, a winter wedding can feel extra magical around the holidays. There are endless ways to incorporate festive winter ideas into your dream wedding. This week we are going to show a few stunning ideas that so perfect, you’re definitely going to want to try to add a touch of it.

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Intimate Outdoor Florida Wedding

This week we are showcasing beautiful, intimate outdoor Florida wedding in Tallahassee. Katie and Patrick’s wedding was photographed by Bri Whigham of Whigham Images. Their wedding took place at The Old Willis Farm, which is also owned by Bri’s family. Here is what Bri had to say of the stunning couple and their gorgeous wedding:

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