We are delighted to welcome Amanda Johnson to our list of Bismarck, North Dakota wedding photographers! Amanda likes to consider her images edgy, romantic, and energetic with a country/rustic feel.

“My goal is to take meaningful photographs that show my own personal style, uniqueness and creativity as well as my client’s!”

North Dakota wedding photographer, Portraits by Amanda

Amanda was always interested in art, and her passion for photography was realized when she bought her first SLR camera. She explains that she fell in love with shooting landscapes and was finally able to satisfy the artist that was always begging to come out. Her passion quickly shifted from nature photography to wedding photography, which is now what she specializes in today.


“Photography for me is a never-ending process. I love it, live it, and learn something new every day!”

Amanda considers the three photographers who have been the most elemental in her growth to be Sal Cincotta, Marcus Bell, and Jasmine Star. She has watched countless classes from all three wedding photographers tries to implement Cincotta’s business models into practice while shooting images that have the “Marcus Bell” landscape feel. She also strives to incorporate Star’s energy and love for photography into her wedding business.

North Dakota wedding photographer, Portraits by Amanda North Dakota wedding photographer, Portraits by Amanda“What truly matters to me as an artist is to be able to use the talent God has given me to create unique and stunning works of art for my clients. I put my heart and soul into my photograph’s to create meaningful and beautiful images that will preserve a special moment and memory in the life of my client’s.”

To learn more about this energetic, North Dakota wedding photographer, visit Portraits by Amanda.

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