Looking for a talented duo to handle both your wedding photography and makeup? Search no further than Kesha Lambert and Charlene Armstrong of Lash to Lens. These New Rochelle wedding photographers and makeup artists offer both photography and makeup for weddings and lifestyle portraiture. Lash to Lens, established in 2010, represents the union of two brands (Kesha Lambert Photography and AboutFace Makeup) and is co-owned and operated by both ladies.

“I just think it is truly brilliant that through photography we can freeze a moment and collect memories. Pictures allow us to revisit these moments and relive beautiful memories. I love working with people and I love that our photography has allowed me to connect with people I may not have otherwise had an opportunity to meet/know.” – Kesha Lambert

New Rochelle Wedding Photographers, Lash to LensNew Rochelle Wedding Photographers, Lash to LensKesha is the lead photographer of Lash to Lens and has been shooting professionally for over ten years. She describes Lash to Lens’s photography style as contemporary and natural with a mix of photojournalism; although the duo leans towards natural posing, they appreciate a somewhat humorous or quirky approach from time to time.

Both ladies have been largely influenced by their families when it comes to their artistic and business endeavors. Kesha hails from a family of artists, and has found particular inspiration from her mother, who has always encouraged and supported her creative pursuits. Charlene would say that her grandmother was her biggest influence.

New Rochelle Wedding Photographers, Lash to LensKesha reminisces on one of the most memorable weddings she has photographed:

“The one that stands out most to me is a couple that surprised their family with their wedding. The family members thought they were attending a summer family party and surprise! Out came the bride in a gown and veil.”

New Rochelle Wedding Photographers, Lash to LensNew Rochelle Wedding Photographers, Lash to Lens New Rochelle Wedding Photographers, Lash to LensWhen it comes to searching or a wedding photographer, Kesha and Charlene recommend that couples look for someone who’s work they love and then narrow it down to the candidates they feel a good connection with. From there, the ladies of Lash to Lens suggest narrowing it down by budget.

“Ultimately you want to love your photos after all is done, so choose based on style and rapport first. A good rapport with your photographers will translate into comfort in front of the lens.”

New Rochelle Wedding Photographers, Lash to LensA random tidbit about each of our ladies? Kesha is a non-practicing New York attorney and Charlene worked in marketing for Canon for several years before starting Lash to Lens.

To see more contemporary and natural wedding photography from these New Rochelle wedding photographers, visit Kesha and Charlene at Lash to Lens.


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