We can’t wait to introduce the newest member to our list of Kalamazoo, Michigan wedding photographers, Lilliah Allen! Interested in what makes this talented gal stand out from the rest?

“Photography is personal. A little bit of me is in every image I create. The heart is the most important element in any photograph and mine plays a key role in my business. You are hiring me to show you how I see things from the eye of my camera through the filter of my heart.”

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Michigan Wedding Photographer, Lilliah Allen PhotographyLilliah discovered her passion for photography while she was in middle school. She dug her mom’s old 35mm camera out of the closet, loaded her first roll of film, and the rest is history! However, despite her love of the art, Lilliah went to college to be a physical therapist. She quickly decided that she was better suited for photography, and after a considerable amount of praying that things would all work out, she moved from Missouri to Massachusetts to go to school at Hallmark Institute of Photography. It was here that Lilliah’s love of photography was grown and nurtured by some of the best in the business. This leap of faith in career moves was not easy for Lilliah, but she conquered her fears and is now exactly where she wants to be!

“It can be a little scary not knowing when you will get your next paycheck. However, I spent a lot of time in prayer and sought the advice of others. Then I jumped. I can’t say that I have always lived in abundance, but I can say without a doubt I have always had exactly what I need.”

Michigan Wedding Photographers, Lilliah Allen PhotographyAside from an inspirational story, Lilliah has some great insight for brides when it comes to selecting a wedding photographer.

Lilliah’s insider tip:

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you leave enough time for pictures. The day by no means is all about photography, but you want to make sure you get what you want. I would also highly recommend that you think about doing a first look before your wedding. My husband and I did this and I highly recommend it to every couple. You get some beautiful images and you get to take care of some of the nerves before you have to walk down the aisle in front of all your friends and family.

Five questions for brides to ask their photographers:

1. I love the photos that ________. How would you do that?

2. What differentiates one photographer from another?

3. Why do you charge what you charge?

4. Do you have any tips for me to make sure I look great in my photos?

5. What products do you offer?

Michigan Wedding Photographer, Lilliah Allen Photography Michigan Wedding Photographer, Lilliah Allen PhotographyAll weddings booked with Lilliah Allen Photography by the end of the year (that mention this post) will receive a free guest book album for your guests to sign at your wedding!

“I strive to honestly and creatively capture your wedding day to ensure you have beautiful portraits that tell of the captivating love you have for one other and how you bound your hearts to each other.”

To learn more about this Michigan wedding photographer, visit Lilliah Allen.

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