Matthew R Photo is a wedding photographer out of Tampa, Florida who recently joined SnapKnot. What stands out most about Matthew’s style is not the flashy images, but rather the personality that comes through so well from within the description on his SnapKnot profile:

“My name is Matthew and my career is awesome.”


“Weddings are just incredible and I love converting that wedding incredible-ness into wedding photo incredible-ness. (you can always add -ness to the end of words)”

Matthew just seems plain cool. I love that he loves what he is doing, and he seems like someone I’d want to pick up phone for to inquire about a wedding photography consult. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that he has some pretty good images too! Keep up the good work Matt, we’re glad to have you on board.

Beautiful ceremony capture as the couple prepares to say the “i-do’s:”

wedding vows

Love the hanging wedding dress:

hanging wedding dress

Great shot of a very tasty looking wedding cake:

square wedding cake

Matthew is a Tampa wedding photographer. See his portfolio on SnapKnot and check out his website:

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