Sometimes you hear a really unique and impressive maid-of-honor or best man speech that just blows all others away.

wedding toast

Photo credit: Pinterest

Today, we want to show you a wedding toast that we saw on ABC News where maid of honor Katie Godby, 27, (Slim Katie as they refer to her in the performance) sings about how the couple met and it is so great!

At her sister Jess’s wedding to Trevor Hykes last Saturday in Alpharetta, Georgia, Katie brought down the house with a five-minute musical toast set to the tune of Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady.”

Katie spent two months tailoring the lyrics to fit the couple’s love story and rehearsing the rap, according to ABC News.

“For her bachelorette, we went to Nashville and did karaoke and sung ‘Slim Shady’ together, so I knew that was the one to do for the wedding,” Godby told ABC News of the surprise speech.

Naturally, the bride and groom loved the wedding toast and as you can tell from the video above, she definitely brought down the house!

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