We are delighted to welcome Hector Maranesi to our list of Irvine wedding photographers! Hector’s passion for photography began in his early years, when a friend’s dad taught him the ropes of processing black and white film. At the age of 15 he got his first professional assignment- photographing a friend’s wedding.

Hector worked hard to develop his skills, trying out different types of photography for advertising and cosmetics, and in 1971 he shot his most important event. It was for a wedding where he met a guest who happened to be the best friend of the bride and who went on to become Hector’s wife, Grace (who now works with him shooting photography).

Irvine Wedding Photographer, Hector Maranesi PhotographyAfter Hector’s arrival to the US he continued shooting weddings, portraits, and photography for a variety of companies. Eventually, he built his online portfolio, and would now like to share a few of the services and commitments that he offers his brides:

  • High-quality professional photography
  • High-quality prints, albums and DVDs
  • A free engagement session
  • Photos printed on-site (for the couple and/or for guests- “thank you notes”)
  • Mini photo albums printed and delivered on-site (for the couple and/or parents or bridal party)

Check out some of the other services offered by this Irvine wedding photographer by visiting Hector Maranesi Photography.


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