Google is so important for any business… so have you ever wondered exactly how google works? Here is a quick run-down of all you need to know about Google and using it for your business.

For those photographers who are amazing at what they do but struggle with SEO, search and all that an online presence can offer you, read on for some great advice and tips on how Google works. For those photographers who are already a Google wiz, this can just be a great reminder of the importance of this gigantic search engine.

how google works

First off, as a business owner trying to market your product, how Google works is amazing because it can drive so much traffic and revenue to your business.

On the back end Google is very complex. It has a complex algorithm that uses and looks at hundreds of different variables to help in things like website ranking and search results.


To provide the best search results, Google writes various programs – or algorithms – to help with specific searches. For example, when you are searching for something in the google search bar, Google will automatically spell correct words you are typing. It will also auto complete the word or phrase you are trying to say. If a bride comes onto Google to search for the phrase “wedding photographers in New York City” Google will complete that phrase for you as well as provide you other similar search options to that specific phrase. In addition, it will also provide synonyms to the phrase, or a word in that phrase. For example as you will see in the infographic below, if you were to search for the word “rabbit” it would also bring up the term “bunny” as an option.

Another great program that Google offers is it understanding of a question. If someone types “where can I find the best wedding photographers?” Google understands that is a question and provides the search results that will help the searcher find their answer.

Based on the search term you have included, Google has to then decide what items should show up in your search results. They do this by asking over 200 specific questions and analyzing thousands upon thousands of websites out there. A few of the questions that Google will ask to find the best search results possible include:

1. How many times does this page contain your keyword? The more times the keyword shows up, the higher it will be in the search results.

2. Do the words appear in the title or in the URL? Google thinks it is very important for that keyword to be in the title of the webpage or in the URL.

3. Does the page include synonyms for those words?

4. What is this pages pagerank?

Can you believe how Google works when it can help you find the best search term and go through hundreds of questions to make sure you are getting the best results possible? The crazy thing is that all this can happen in just an instant!


Another awesome way how Google works is by the results it produces. Google will provide a small preview of information for each page that was brought up in the search results including the web page title and a short descriptive explanation of that page. You can even ask what you want through your computer microphone and the answers will be spoken back to you!

If your search results include any images, you will have a display of the results in thumbnail photos and if you asked a question, and the same goes for video. Google will show the answers and information for things like sports scores, the weather and other quick facts that correspond with the question you asked.

Here are a few tips to help your website or blog show up in Google and have a good PageRank:

1. Make sure all your URL’s are human readable and relevant to the page. It is also great to make sure you include your focus keyword in the URL.

2. Include your unique focus keyword and description meta tags to every one of your websites’s pages. To find great focus keywords, try to do a Google search for the target phrase or keyword you are thinking about using, and see what types of results come up.

3. Have a blog on your site. Including a blog with fresh content that is updated regularly that includes target keywords, helps to drive up your PageRank.

4. Use your target keyword throughout your webpage or blog. It is good to have it show up as many times as possible, but be sure not to make it forced! Google will notice that.

5. Make Google Analytics your best friend. Use the program to see where your users are coming from, what they are searching and to make sure that each page on your site is unique (because Google does not like duplicates)!

6. Make sure you have links that point users to other pages within your site. It is also a plus if any of those links include your target keyword!

7. Read these great books about Google and SEO.

Here is an infographic from QuickSprout that runs through the entire complex Google process for you.

How Google Works
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Even though Google is totally complex in the background, for those of us who are actually using it on a daily basis, it is simple and pretty easy to use. If you always use the best SEO practices and tips that we talked about above, and you continue to produce fresh, keyword targeted content, you will find that your Google PageRank will likely increase! Learn more about how google works with these resources.

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