We are delighted to introduce Rich Burkhart to our family of Savannah, Georgia wedding photographers. Rich began his photography career almost 20 years ago near his hometown in Swansboro, North Carolina, and was drawn to Savannah by one of the preeminent Art Schools in the country, the Savannah College of Art & Design. It was here where he completed his Master of Fine Arts in Photography in 2000.

Rich then began a career as a photojournalist, winning many awards for his ability to capture life’s special moments. Over the past several years, he has honed his skills as a photographer, all the while gaining an ever deepening love for the power of the image. While Rich has always photographed a select number of weddings throughout his more than a decade-long career, he credits his wife, Rebecca with his rejuvenated love for documenting weddings.

“What can I say? I love LOVE! Yeah, I know that sounds super cheesy, but it’s true and you can blame it all on my wife. When I met the lovely Rebecca, that’s when I found ‘true love’. It is through that experience and the joy and excitement of my own wedding that has given me the passion to document and capture the love of others.”

Photos by Rich Burkhart, Georgia Wedding PhotographerRich brings a positive, upbeat attitude to every photo session and wedding. Because of his traditional photography background and years of working experience, he has the skills needed to overcome any obstacle that may arise.

“I know my camera equipment. I have an understanding of light, exposure, and technique of what I consider the “craft” of photography. Therefore, this allows me to get a higher ratio of quality images and keeps me from spending too much time at the computer editing. Because of this, I am often able to get the images edited and prepared for the client within days rather than months.”

This quality has made him quite popular with many couples who want to be able to share their images with others soon after the wedding. His easy going personality also makes for a calm atmosphere for the couple.

Photos by Rich Burkhart, Georgia Wedding PhotographerPhotos by Rich Burkhart, Georgia Wedding Photographer Photos by Rich Burkhart, Georgia Wedding PhotographerPhotos by Rich Burkhart, Georgia Wedding PhotographerA wedding is a sacred and personal experience, and choosing the right Photographer is like choosing the perfect love song.

“I feel it is important to have someone on hand to document this once in a lifetime event who has the experience, ability, and vision to capture every lasting moment—someone who will not add to the stress of the day, but who will help you relax and enjoy each and every minute with your family and friends.”

“Photos by Rich Burkhart” has been the tagline under many award winning photos over the years. Why not have that same journalistic style, dedication, and vision on hand for your special day?

To learn more about this Savannah, Georgia wedding photographer, visit Photos by Rich Burkhart. Let him know that you found him on SnapKnot for a special discount.

Photos by Rich Burkhart, Georgia Wedding Photographer


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