We are delighted to introduce you to Mariya Kalitina, a Florida wedding photographer based out of Hallandale Beach. Although weddings have a lot in common, Mariya believes she will never tire of them for each wedding is special, unique, and has its own personality and style.

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“I have been photographing weddings for several years now, it is my passion and life. I am far from perfection, but everyday I learn new techniques and always challenge myself to create better photographs for my clients.”

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“I truly enjoy working with couples to create photographs that they will cherish forever. I can’t really distinguish a certain style, but I do tend to pose my brides and grooms. However, I try to come up with unique poses or enhance their natural pose that they fall into to keep photographs looking as natural as they can.”

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“I don’t think I will ever get tired of weddings, because even though they all have a lot in common, each wedding is special and unique and has its own personality and style. I enjoy every moment of the wedding day from preparations to cake cutting, and I think brides feel that, which is why I always connect with them well. They know that they can rely on my expertise and knowledge, and they don’t have to worry about that side of the day, because I’ve got them covered.”

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To see more images from Photography by Mariya Kalitina, and to contact this Florida wedding photographer directly, visit Mariya’s SnapKnot profile.

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