Our Featured Photographer this Friday is Courtney Reece, a wedding photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. We met Courtney at WPPI and she’s a really nice, fun person. She also takes great photos! We had a few questions for Courtney so you could get to know her:

courtney reece

1) Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Louisville KY. When I was in high school I couldn’t wait to get out of this city! I thought it was so boring at the time, but now I’m in love with my hometown. It’s big but not too big…its just big enough I’d say, there is a lot of amazing history here and everyone I love is close by. I’ve got two sisters, one of which is my twin, and they are both two of my best friends. :) I’m also married to my other best friend! His name is Johnathan and we’ve been together 8 years and were married in August 2008.  I love almost all movies and music and get excited about New Releases of both! Other than all that, I am a total homebody, so if I’m not spending time at home I’m probably at a bookstore because I love the smell of books and coffee! :)

2) Why did you choose to become a photographer?

I chose to become a photographer because when I picked up my first DSLR I was addicted to seeing the different images I could come up with. It exercised my creative side and I couldn’t remember loving doing anything else as much. That pretty much told me it was something I was supposed to be doing permanently.

kristi kenny kissing

3) How long have you been a photographer?

Professionally this is my 2nd year. But if you want to get literal, I’ve been a photographer since I was about 13 when my sister and best friend and I would spend ample amounts of allowance money on disposable film cameras and taking pictures of just about anything and everything. But back then I never even considered the thought of turning it into a profession. We were just having fun :)

4) How would you classify your style of photography?

I think my style is modern, clean, fun, and emotional. But everyone sees style differently…those are just the things that come to mind for me when I look back at my work.

monica lee wedding

5) Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level?

I am influenced by so many people and so many things! I am a huge people watcher so I’m influenced by style of passersby, I’m influenced by the kind actions of strangers, I’m influenced by music and books and movies. And there are qualities in people that I see and feel completely inspired by. On both levels I’m so amazed at the honesty and realness of Promise Tangeman. If I had a even a breath of her creative energy I’d be a superstar right now…like literally. :) Also professionally, I’m influenced by anyone who’s seemed to find their own style and run with it. A few examples of those people are Bobbi+Mike, Melissa Jill, and Jasmine Star.

6) Do you have any good wedding stories?

All my wedding stories are good ones! But I love when a ceremony or reception is a complete reflection of who you are as a couple. I will always remember this moment as one of my favorites: I shot a wedding last June that was low key, laid back and just awesome! They are two of the most beautiful people inside and out, and both have an amazing relationship with God that is so reflective in their love for each other. And at the reception the groom picked up his guitar and sang her a song while everyone watched and listened. Of course she cried…and I cried because it was so beautiful! Of course I’m a sucker for musicians being that I’m married to one myself. ;)

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7) What’s your preferred type of camera equipment?

I’m a Canon girl. I started early with a Nikon but after switching I don’t think I see myself ever switching back!

8) What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer?

For a couple just starting to look for their photographer, I think it’s absolutely important to know WHO you’re hiring. Obviously liking the work is important but it’s only part of what you should be looking for. Making sure you get along with your photographer is so important because you’re spending the biggest day of your life and some of the most intimate emotions with this person following close behind with a camera glued to their face. If you feel uncomfortable at all in front of that person, you’ll never have complete satisfaction with your photography results. And as much as it sounds like us photographers are supposed to say that, don’t pass on hiring a photographer you love because the bill is set too high. Those photos might be one of the only things left from your wedding day 50 years from now and you want to be able to look at those on your anniversary and say, “Wow, just as amazing as I remember it!” Granted, budget is important, but talk to your photographer about your budget…many will work with you as best they can, and you’ll be so grateful for that in the long run when you have photos you truly love.

katie matt wedding

9) Any fun personal facts we should know about you?

I’m left handed! – some say that makes me more creative ;) I LOVE to sing (and I ain’t too shabby! lol) I’m a sucker for Nicholas Sparks novels, I hate tea. Just thinking about drinking tea makes my jaw clench. Chocolate chip cookies are my weakness, I can’t sleep with socks on, I eat sandwiches in circles – never the normal way, and I’m currently obsessed with The Office on DVD. :) Jim and Pam forever!

courtney reece

Courtney’s Special Offer: Anyone who contacts me via this profile and books their wedding will get a $200 print credit added to their package! YAY!

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