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We hope you will get to know Al & Ida of Al Ojeda Photography in today’s feature. Al & Ida are a husband & wife photography team who have recently joined SnapKnot as Premium Wedding Photographers. Read on to learn more about them, their photography business, and whether they might be a fit to photograph your own wedding!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
We are a married team… Got married 11 years ago and came to USA to pursue a dream on living through what we love doing: Photography !!!

Why did you choose to become photographers?
dreamed on becoming a photographer during his childhood when he looked at “Life” Magazines, amazed by all those images taken all around the world… Later on he studied at the Art School and then worked at the most important studio in his country.

Ida: was a fashion designer, always loved any type of art… Of course, after marrying Al, she got in love with the camera and learned from Al the skills of “writing with light”.

Our love to arts goes as far as our tattoos… Mondrian !!!

al and ida ojeda wedding photographers with mondrian tattoos

How long have you been photographers?
Al has been doing professional photography for more than 12 years, Ida has 5 years experience with the best teacher possible ;)

How would you classify your style of photography?
Since Al started off doing mostly commercial photography, he is used to accommodate to customers needs… With Weddings, we are looking for the same thing, first taking care of for the Bride and Groom’s vision, and then adding some creative license to do our own stuff, which they always end up loving…

bride and groom in front of mirror elegant

Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level?
Part of our influence comes from classic painters like Rembrandt or Rubens, from whom we all should learn the mastery on using light and composition.

In today’s modern photography, we are inspired by Pedro Luis Raota and Sebastião Salgado, both masters in lightning, composition and the photojournalistic style…

Do you have any good wedding stories?

We were at a Bride’s house taking the getting ready pics… We all went outside when it was the time for the Limo to come and pick up the Bride and girls… It was getting late, the Limo didn’t show up, luckily we brought our Jeep (not our Miata), we were able to bring the girls with us to the Church for the Ceremony while the Bride went with her dad… When the Bride wrote us a beautiful review, she mention the episode ;)

bride and groom against buildling outside black and white

What’s your preferred type of camera equipment?

Our choice: Nikon… Al carries a variety of lenses and changes them in seconds to shoot images with a completely different point of view… Back up is a must !!!

What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer?
Your pictures are the only link to the Big Day left after so much work and stress… Don’t compromise your memories, you don’t want any regrets… Check out carefully all portfolios, make sure he/she/them know how to expose, compose and deliver quality images for you to keep for a lifetime.

bride and groom kissing on beach near lighthouse

Also, Al & Ida are currently running a June promotion over on their blog – check it out!

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