Each week we run a Photo of the Week Contest on the SnapKnot Facebook page. We started the contest for fun, in an effort to interact with our network and provide an opportunity for photographers to display some of their work on our Facebook page. We’ve been delighted to see the contest grow in popularity, and in doing so thought it was important to provide a more formal outline of the contest eligibility and judging criteria.


  1. The contest begins each Monday morning and ends each Friday afternoon at noon Pacific time, unless otherwise specified on the SnapKnot Facebook page.
  2. Anybody is eligible to enter the SnapKnot Photo of the Week contest. You do not need to be a professional wedding photographer, nor do you need to be listed on SnapKnot.
  3. In order for an image to be eligible, it must meet all of the
    following requirements:

a) The image must be uploaded to the SnapKnot Facebook page by posting directly on our Wall.

b) The image must be of a wedding or wedding-related event (such as an engagement, bridal, or trash the dress session).

c) At least one person must be tagged in the image (you cannot tag yourself). If you do not know how to tag someone on Facebook, please email us at contact@snapknot.com.

d) Because of the above, we only consider photos with people in them as eligible (i.e. detail shots such as ring closeups are not eligible).

Judging Criteria

  1. The winning photo will be chosen each week by SnapKnot based on overall quality, creativity/originality, and composition.
  2. Fan support is encouraged and taken into strong consideration, however “likes” and comments are not the only criteria used to determine the winning photo.
  3. SnapKnot has the ultimate discretion to choose a winner for
    any reason.
  4. All winning photo decisions are final.

Disclaimer: This is not a professionally judged photography contest. We are not professional photographers. The winner will be based on our best judgment and a combination of the criteria above and the result will always be subjective.


The winning photo will receive:

  1. A post on the SnapKnot blog
  2. An announcement on the SnapKnot Facebook page
  3. A spot in the Facebook Winners Gallery and on our Flickr set of winning photos

Questions or comments about the SnapKnot Photo of the Week contest may be directed to contact@snapknot.com

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